Dr. sam sukkar

NOWnotes: Dr. Sam Sukkar


dr-sukkar-199x300I gave this response to a doctor who was looking to open his own cosmetic practice and was shopping for an EMR.

I have used several electronic systems over the years. All of these were lower priced alternatives until I got patientNOW which is only slightly higher in price. In my mind, the top 2 systems are patientNOW and another server-based product.

For the money, patientNOW is the better alternative. It is engineered specifically for aesthetic and spa services and integrates with many of the systems that are used such as Canfield Mirror software.

Many of the cheaper alternative systems require massive amounts of set up and they never quite work right. I used a system that supported my MAC for 3 years and while it was OK, it was not customized to what I do. For this reason, I switched to patientNOW about a year ago. I do not regret it. I can login from anywhere and finish my notes.

I can see using patientNOW for the rest of my career. It’s that good and does exactly what I need it to do.

Sukkar CenterThey also seem responsive as a company to keep up with our rapidly changing practice landscape and are willing to partner in module type collaborations with other companies.

For example, we are signing up with MyMedLeads to track lead inquiries. They integrate with patientNOW and the integration is well thought out.