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One Simple Thing Can Grow Your Practice 3X


Most practices report that Word of Mouth (or Referral Marketing) is responsible for generating their best patients. Plus, with referral marketing, practices typically have very low costs and a very high return-on-investment. This is because your happiest patients are delighted to talk about you with their friends.

When it comes to promoting your practice, there is NOTHING more powerful than having a group of your most ardent supporters share their experience with the world. Remember Pepsi vs. Coke? People were “fighting” each other to shout out their favorite brand.

So, how can you stimulate that type of brand loyalty where your happiest patients are working to get your name out to hundreds, or even thousands, of other people?

Astute practices have already figured this out… They’ve been asking their patients to post online reviews about their experiences. If you have not yet set up a system to encourage your patients to submit online testimonials, you are losing out on the most profitable marketing opportunity available.

Of course, it can be awkward to ask patients to submit an online review. Plus, your staff is swamped… Asking patients for reviews is not “top of mind”, so a system is required.


What if I told you that you could 10X the power of your online reviews? You already know that videos are the most popular way people enjoy consuming information. Recent studies suggest that businesses that regularly post fresh video content are seen as authoritative, get found more easily online, and build a larger audience that they can engage at any time — this leads to practices more easily gaining new clients and generating more revenue.


In fact, practices that have implemented these types of systems have generated revenue exceeding 10X their investment…that’s like getting PatientNOW for free! And, in addition to generating more revenue, another one of the “side effects” of publishing reviews is that you will create a culture of exemplary customer experience — when your staff knows that they are being reviewed, they will be on their game every day.

Built into the latest PatientNOW cloud-based release is a “Request Feedback” feature. With just ONE CLICK in PatientNOW, your patients can receive a text message or email request for feedback. Your patients have the option to submit a written or video review, which can be published to a variety of sites, such as Google, Yelp, YouTube, Facebook, WebMD, and many other sites.

The entire process is managed by Patient Approved®, one of the nation’s leading patient satisfaction software firms. To experience the power of Patient Approved®, ask us to activate this feature so you can get more new patients, NOW!