Ongoing Training & PatientNow Webinars

If your practice is like most, probably the last word you want to hear during or after a busy day of treating patients and managing a fast-paced, growing business is training. Let’s face it; training is easy to avoid, often becomes the last thing on many practices’ “to do” lists and frequently remains your last priority. But what are you missing out on?

If your practice management tool stayed the same, you would eventually learn (and master) all of its features. But you do not have a static practice support tool — you have PatientNOW. A PatientNOW practice management tool is continually evolving to support growing practices like yours. In fact, that’s our mission, to grow with you.

For this reason, PatientNOW wants to ensure you get the training you need to get the most out of your PatientNOW investment, so everyone wins — you, your practice and your patients. PatientNOW’s series of webinar training courses cover may crucial features that can drive the success of your practice and help take it to the next level. When you know, you grow.

What if you missed learning about that one crucial feature?

Ongoing training is crucial to a business like yours. As an aesthetic practitioner, you always want to stay current and provide your patients with the latest, approved and cutting-edge techniques. You have to. If you don’t, you won’t remain competitive, your patients won’t look or feel as good as they can and you’ll lose the return business that anchors your practice.

You can also serve your patients by getting the most out of your practice management tool. The less time it takes you to manage your practice, the more time you can spend building your practice. That’s what PatientNOW does — gives you all the tools you need to run your practice efficiently, and we hope effortlessly. But if you don’t know about specific features — or just don’t know them well enough — you won’t be able to give your patients all the attention you can.

Webinars Make It as Easy as Possible to Stay Current

Ongoing training has to be easy, and you might not find an easier way of incorporating training into your practice group than through webinars. Today, we are all online all the time. Webinars make it as easy as possible to sit in on training whether your team sits across multiple offices or you or they are on the go. If you have an Internet connection, you can get the latest information through our easy, bi-weekly sessions. We will even answer all your questions at the end of each session to ensure you leave getting what you came for and can put your new knowledge to use immediately. Webinars cover the latest and most important features, so you are always staying current and maximizing your investment.

Without training, you won’t get the most out of PatientNOW

PatientNOW offers one of the most comprehensive practice management tools available, and without ongoing training, you many only scratch the surface of what PatientNOW can do for you. Webinars solve this problem. Whether you need to know how to execute your inventory management expertly or how to boost your patient communications and outreach, PatientNOW has a webinar to help you do just that.

PatientNOW, through its webinars, also directly helps you serve your patients better by focusing on key topics like how to manage your patients’ clinical information, including consents, and how to document in-office procedures like injectables. PatientNOW’s many practice support features have your bases covered, and through webinars, we want to make sure you get the full benefit of them all. The stakes are too high to miss out.

Get the most from the PatientNOW system you already have, now!

PatientNOW stands behind you. Through our software and training offerings, we want to help you maximize your patient focus, because your patients are your practice. Through in-person training, online training and the support you can count on any time you need us, PatientNOW is committed to helping your practice thrive, just like you are committed to helping your patients thrive. And if you need a feature to help you do that, we’ll be there for you, too.

Call PatientNOW today at 888-644-2987 to learn more about all your training options, including webinars, and boost your practice with tools you already have. What you don’t know about your PatientNOW practice management implementation could be the difference between performing and performing exceptionally. You wouldn’t skip learning about the next, game-changing medical advance. Why would you skip learning about a tool that could help you deliver it?