Paper vs. Electronic: Benefits of Transferring Your Office

There is little doubt the idea of moving from a paper to an electronic office is an overwhelming one. You and your staff have worked with those paper files for years and everyone is accustomed to and comfortable with that system. Moving to electronic filing often raises questions about what will happen if the technology doesn’t work the way it is supposed to function. Despite the understandable trepidation involved with making the switch, there are some significant benefits to transferring your plastic surgery office to a paperless system.

The Space Saving Solution

Think about the amount of space you are currently using to store your paper files. How could that space be utilized more effectively? Do you need more room for your administrative staff or another examination room? Have you been putting off the purchase of a new device due to lack of space in your current office? By removing your paper files, you will free up substantial office space that can now be put to good use to expand your practice and your patient experience.

Benefits to your Bottom Line

Reducing your storage needs can also benefit your bottom line as you eliminate additional space and staffing to maintain those files. Even the cost of the supplies to assemble the paper files will be eliminated as electronic maintenance becomes more efficient and cost-effective. A University of California study in 2003 found that some physicians saved as much as $20,000 per year by transferring to electronic records.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Office efficiency is a primary benefit of transferring to EMR. Your staff will no longer have to spend time searching for patient files; instead, they will be able to pull them up on any office device. Patients will not be left waiting while you search out pertinent information from their medical history. Even sharing information with other physicians when necessary will be faster and easier through the electronic process.

More Time, More Patients

Electronic medical records provide you with more face-to-face time with your patients, as information is readily accessible during consultations and other appointments. You may also find your electronic system provides you with additional time to see more patients, allowing you to grow your plastic surgery practice without compromising patient care. Your staff will be free to focus their attention on your patients as well, rather than tedious paperwork.

Enhancing Patient Care

Electronic record keeping can enhance patient care in a number of ways. A reduction of errors due to poor handwriting, elimination of lost files and the ability to see a patient’s medical history at a glance are just some of the improvements offered by EMR. Allowing you to spend more time directly with your patients also gives them greater confidence in the procedures they choose and comfort in the process. When your patients are receiving the highest level of care from your office, they are more likely to return for subsequent procedures and tell friends and family members about your practice.

At PatientNOW, we understand that EMR plays a key role in bringing your plastic surgery practice to the next level. Our software packages combine easy-to-use EMR with patient engagement tools that will help you build your practice and your reputation. To learn more about our products, contact PatientNOW today at 800-436-3150.