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Payment Security

Implementing state-of-the-art payment security in your practice can be an extremely straightforward process — if you have a patientNOW EMR. patientNOW’s Merchant Solutions integration gives you total control over your point-of-sale transactions for maximum security for your patients and practice as well as significantly-improved efficiency.

patientNOW’s Merchant Solutions can help your practice in three crucial ways. With patientNOW, you can streamline your payment process, increase your bottom line and solidify your processes to promote and protect your practice. And integration with your existing platform can be easy and seamless.

Learn more about how you can implement and reap the benefits of complete payment security now your patientNOW EMR. And if you don’t have a patientNOW EMR, you have one more reason to give us a call today.

Receiving Payments Is Easy with patientNOW Powered by Clover™

Clover’s integration with your patientNOW EMR is seamless. Payment amounts are transmitted directly from your Clover POS device to your EMR. Your client’s payments then appear immediately on your patientNOW invoices. Want to keep your patient’s credit card number on file for easier and faster checkouts later? With patientNOW, you can. This feature can help make card-not-present transactions, such as telephone and online orders, a snap. Now you can also include links to payment features in your online invoices and emails, making it even easier for your patients to pay and for you to collect revenues.

patientNOW Also Helps You Automate Your Membership and Rewards Programs

Your staff can save time and you can save money while increasing your revenue, with patientNOW Merchant Services. Your practice can easily automate all your recurring payments, reducing your collection times, while ensuring you collect for all your services. Do you offer gift cards or loyalty rewards points? patientNOW can track those, too, all through your EMR so that you can manage all your promotions from a single console. You can even barcode scan products you sell for easy inventory management and streamlined checkouts.

patientNOW Merchant Services Increase Your Bottomline in Even More Ways

Do you offer your staff commissions? If you do, you probably have to have track and run reports on commission earnings in addition to your other revenue reports. But patientNOW can take care of this task for you, making these numbers available to you in realtime. Worried about fraud in your practice? With patientNOW, you no longer have to be. patientNOW’s merchant solution maintains full audit trails for all transactions, for complete peace of mind. Want to close quickly at the end of the day? You can, with patientNOW’s credit card reporting features that help you easily incorporate these totals.

The best feature? You can take advantage of all these benefits now if you have a patientNOW EMR!

patientNOW wants you to enjoy a comprehensive and flawless user experience. That’s why we’ve made integrating point-of-service solutions into your existing EMR simple. Simply give us a call to get started. When you do, you’ll receive a free Clover unit, so you use your new functionality immediately. And you can easily expand with the purchase of additional Clover units if you choose. Updating your EMR — just like adding any patientNOW workflow — is completely straightforward. And you’ll also have patientNOW’s full support available whenever you need it.

Don’t have a patientNOW EMR yet? There is no better time to call and explore all the advantages of fully automating your practice today. patientNOW can increase efficiencies throughout your practice through best-in-class automation in these crucial areas:

  • Lead follow-ups
  • Appointment bookings
  • E-blasts and promotions
  • Patient education
  • Pre and post-operative instructions
  • E-prescriptions
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Timely upsell emails
  • Practice inventory management
  • EMR accessibility from any device
  • End-to-end security
  • And now point-of-sale automation

The question you should be asking yourself now is — how have I been able to manage my practice without a patientNOW EMR?

Call patientNOW today to add secure transactions to your existing EMR and increase your bottom-line now!

A secure point-of-sale system protects your patients and your practice; it ensures every transaction is achieved safely, makes it easier for your clients to pay and saves your staff time and your practice money. And patientNOW Merchant Services can also enhance many other payment handling and accounting tasks, saving you even more money and increasing your earnings. Best of all, you can easily add this functionality to your current patientNOW EMR and enjoy the same great support and service you receive today. You’ve already made a great decision by choosing patientNOW to automate your practice; why not get all you can get from your EMR now?

PatientNOW — ensuring the right outcomes for our clients every day.