Plastic Surgery Trends for 2010

2010 will see new cosmetic procedures and uses of a variety of injectables. Seeing this list of Plastic Surgery Trends for 2010 gives only a glimpse of the ways in which cosmetic procedures will be used to help individuals seeking cosmetic enhancements.

We’re seeing that physicians from a wide range of specialties are understanding how cosmetic procedures can be combined in their practice. They see how cash procedures can augment their insurance based business and increase their overall revenue for the practice. Since doctors already have an existing client-base, they can easily market these new procedures. The hard part for many doctors is filtering their existing clients and targeting the right ones for specific cosmetic procedures.

Some practice management software solutions have the ability to identify existing patients for new marketing campaigns. The software sets predetermined workflow timelines for email to be sent, an automated or manual call to be made, or a flyer to be dropped in the mail. This type of marketing workflow allows the practice to be pro-active in promoting new procedures or services. Makes the old way of conducting marketing seem so….2000?s.

Check out the list and we’ll revisit in a year to see what happens.

Plastic Surgery Trends For 2010