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Single Source Management for  Aesthetics & Wellness

Enjoy all-in-one solutions to attract, engage, and increase loyalty while saving time.

EMR – Electronic Medical Records

Unlock the power of seamless medical practice management with PatientNow’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Streamline workflows, ensure accuracy in record-keeping, and elevate patient care to new heights.

Practice Management

Revolutionize your medical spa with PatientNow’s Practice Management solution. Seamlessly integrate appointments, streamline workflows, and boost financial efficiency.

Just Ask  Our Customers

Thank you, with your help we are able to retain 75-80% of the inquiries we receive, as compared to before when we were losing 45% of the patients who called or emailed for appointments.

Laura Sudarsky

Tired of Busywork Obstructing  Patient Care?

See how PatientNow’s management software can help you grow your practice and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Our software is designed exclusively for the aesthetics and wellness industry.


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Patient Engagement

Transform patient engagement. From intuitive online forms to automated reminders, PatientNow ensures a seamless and personalized experience, fostering patient satisfaction and loyalty for your med spa practice.

Digital Marketing

From SEO strategies to reputation management, our comprehensive tools empower you to boost visibility, engage patients, and drive growth. Elevate your practice to new heights in the digital landscape with PatientNow.


Streamline payment processes, enhance financial tracking, and elevate overall practice efficiency. Experience seamless integration for a streamlined, secure, and efficient payment experience in your medical practice.

Intuitive tools for precise image capture, before and after, background removal, drawing and notation as well as procedure sequence templates are only some of the tools in the integrated RxPhoto app.


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Take Your Practice to the  Next Level

See how PatientNow’s management software can help you grow your practice and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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All-in-One Solutions to 
Attract, Engage, Increase Loyalty and Save Time

Practice Management

Enhanced Reporting
Sales & Inventory
Staff App & Task Management
Weight Loss Tracking
Prescription Management
Lab Integration
Insurance Billing


Multi-location Scheduling
Asset and Resource Scheduling
Online Booking
Confirmations & Reminders
Customizable Views
Group and Family Booking


Reputation Management
Automated Campaigns
Social Integration with Canva
Email Templates and Builder
Text Communication and Marketing
CRM and Source Tracking
Campaign Reporting

Patient Engagement

Dynamic Patient List
Medical & Consent Forms
Loyalty and Rewards
Gift Cards
Membership Programs
Patient Portal
Before and After Photography


Integrated Payments
Point of Sale
Inventory Tracking
Patient Financial History
Per Procedure Insurance
Patient Financing

Service & Support

Dedicated Onboarding Agent
Online, Text and Phone Support
Tech Support
Online Training
Extensive Knowledge Base