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Manage your clinic intuitively, efficiently, and effectively. From daily administration to revenue-boosting tools to customer loyalty programs, PatientNow Essentials combines everything your clinic needs in a single platform: scheduling, communication, marketing, billing, inventory, and performance.

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Why Choose PatientNow Essentials To Help  Run Your Med Spa?

Automated Marketing Tools

Our automated marketing tools are the dynamic engines that empower you to orchestrate marketing efforts with finesse and precision. By harnessing the capabilities of our marketing software, you can streamline campaigns, nurture leads, and engage customers seamlessly. From personalized email sequences that deliver the right message at the right time to automated email marketing campaigns that maintain an open and direct line of communication, these tools revolutionize how you connect with your audience.

Integrated Payments

Integrated payment options bring convenience and seamlessness to transactions. By seamlessly embedding a variety of payment methods within a single system, you can cater to diverse customer preferences while streamlining the checkout process. Whether it’s credit cards, digital wallets, or even text-to-pay, integrated payment options eliminate friction and provide a unified experience.

Advanced Before & After Photos

PatientNow Essentials is integrated with RxPhoto, the industry’s most comprehensive photography and patient engagement app. Put together high-quality photos for before and after images, track patient progress, and create an online photo gallery to attract new customers and promote your services.

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