PatientNow Medical Spa Software

Software Designed by Plastic Surgeons
For Plastic Surgeons

Our Medical Spa Studio is the perfect software for your medical spa – no matter how big or small. Medical Spa is the only medical spa software program equipped with complete electronic medical record, marketing, custom patient-oriented eBlasts, intuitive scheduling, inventory that alerts you when an item needs to be restocked, point of sale, photo gallery management (and Canfield Mirror or United Imaging integration), quoting, customized gift certificates and much more.

With the help of plastic surgeons, we designed PatientNow holistically to provide three solutions pivotal to the success of every medial spa:

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Practice Management
  • Patient Acquisition & Engagement
I purchased PatientNow to replace my old practice management software and my staff and I are glad we did.
Dr. Scott Glasberg, M.D. | ASPS President


  • Meaningful use certified
  • Paperless document management
  • Patient clinical data
  • Consent forms with wireless signature
  • EMR barcode system reduces manual indexing


  • We-based portal
  • Easy, convenient and secure patient registration
  • From the comfort of home
  • Medical history
  • Prescriptions
  • Sign consent forms


PatientNow’s comprehensive patient scheduling software solutions enhance the front office workflow with easy to use features such as:

  • Color-coded appointments
  • Wait list capabilities
  • Schedule in blocks
  • Automated reminders
  • Confirmation indicator
  • Daily, weekly, monthly views
  • Track patient movement
  • Sync with Outlook & Smart Phones


Prescription writing has always been an area of much debate between physicians, pharmacists and patients. Taking the extra time to decipher a physician’s handwriting may sound like a feasible resolution. Contacting the physician (if available) to discuss the prescription is also an alternative. But there is any easier way to ensure that everyone knows what is being prescribed – and it takes less time than writing out the prescriptions by hand. It’s electronic prescription writing:

  • Electronic prescriptions
  • Controlled substances
  • Meet all Medicare requirements
  • Drug allergy warnings
photo management


Every patient who enters your aesthetic practice requires the optimal cosmetic surgery photo management process that PatientNow can offer. You need identification and verification in your front office, demonstrations of possible results in a consultation with a new patient, or documentation of your patient’s results for showcasing and marketing. The photo management features integrated into PatientNow’s electronic records management (ERM) system is essential to the success of your medical practice.

photo management


  • Easily enter invoices
  • Create gift cards
  • Develop sales packages
  • Track commissions
  • Calculate award points
  • Barcode scanner
  • Automatically deducts


“Because of PatientNow my retention rate for BOTOX patients has climbed from 50% to 75%! And I love using PatientNow on my iPad. Now I can pack the power of the entire office staff in my hand. It’s totally portable and complete…plus it’s cool!” – Peter J. Capizzi, M.D.

Capture every prospect and keep them coming back. Pathways patient acquisition and retention automates your workflow to streamline a consistent sales follow-up process that generates more treatments and surgeries. Pathways ensures no prospect or patient falls through the cracks. It is like having an extra staff member with a perfect memory. By improving your patient’s experience, your practice will increase retention and referrals.

  • Automated email follow-up – ensures every prospect is followed up within a timely manners
  • Automated appointment reminders – email and text reminders help reduce your appointment no-shows
  • Employee task lists – phone calls, letters, packets and emails help move patients more consistently through the decision-making process faster.
  • Referral tracking – analyze marketing effectiveness and ROI
  • Commissions and productivity – track staff effectiveness


  • Two-way texting is automatically saved into the patient’s medical record
  • Patient can text photos to the practice
  • Appointment reminders via text
  • Marketing blasts can be sent via text
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Patient consents to send/receive texts and can opt-out
Hormone Replacement Therapy Practices


With Pathways, you can automate and manage campaigns based on time after an appointment or completion of a procedure. This helps to make sure that your patients come back when due for re-treatment instead of waiting for the patient to contact you. Pathways automatically generates procedure follow up reminders based on the last appointment.



Gift cards are a constant reminder in your patient’s wallets to come back in. Credit card sized gift cards with your branding are sold through your PatientNow system, can be reloaded, view purchase history and are payment type in the PatientNow point of sale system. There is no monthly charge for using this service. Just purchase the gift cards.



Patient lists can be generated from a variety of criteria allowing you to send custom email blast or text blast to your patients. All controlled by patient consent to receiving email or text.


PatientNow EMR For Your Aesthetic Medical Spa

We’ve included several features in our Medical Records Studio package with plastic surgeons in mind – after all, a certified plastic surgeon did help create it. Specific templates can be prepared for each patient’s own unique laser treatment, injectable procedure, tissue expander, breast implants, liposuction procedures, vitals, health history and more. Forms can be completed in your exam room using a laptop or tablet PC. All data goes directly into patientNOW, eliminating the need to complete paper forms during or after the consultation. Plus, patients tend to prefer filling out a form electronically over an iPad for example, rather than on a sheet of paper attached to a clipboard.

  • Get your practice running more efficient than ever with the features loaded in our Medical Records Studio™
  • Stop letting prospects slip through the cracks with our automated PAR™ system, designed to turn inquiries into returning patients
  • Send out customized eBlasts based on the type of patient and offer rewards points and specials for loyal patients

Medical Records Studio™ helps your practice stand out from the competition by giving you the tools you need to provide your patients with an unmatched level of service, and it comes with one full year of maintenance. Review our technology requirements to see if this is right for you.