The Pros and Cons of Going Paperless with an EMR

Benefits of going paperless with emr
You need to implement an efficient and secure system to manage medical records and generate invoices at your office. Consider going paperless when managing electronic medical records so that you have easy access to files you need at any time. Going paperless can streamline many internal operations and even improve the patient experience. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of going paperless with an EMR:

Benefits of Going Paperless

You can manage a more efficient office by eliminating clutter and paperwork that often slow down day-to-day activities. When you go paperless with PatientNow EMR, you can take advantage of our QuickVIEW platform that makes it easy to access patient records and analytics, generate invoices directly from EMR, and eliminates many of the repetitive tasks associated with managing paperwork.

Some other benefits of going paperless include:

  • Save time with billing and scheduling tasks
  • Easily attach media files to patient records
  • Export documents quickly
  • Reduce overall transcription costs by eliminating many tasks
  • Streamline office workflow
  • Assign staff members documents electronically for review
  • Free up storage space in filing cabinets and the office
  • Eliminate paper and lessen other supplies costs

Drawbacks of Going Paperless

Going paperless offers many advantages for the medical office setting, but there are some things to keep in mind. You will need to make sure all computer hardware and software programs are up-to-date and perform system-wide upgrades regularly to prevent any gaps in data transfers and losses. You will also need to make sure all computer systems are password-protected and connected to a secure server. You will need to back up data regularly and implement a system for restoring data in the event of an emergency. Another thing to consider is that it may take time to train staff members how to scan and save documents for easy retrieval.

PatientNow EMR can help your organization save time and money by going paperless. We make it easy to store data electronically and can help you improve internal processes. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of going paperless with your electronic medical records management system.