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Real Practice Story – Dr. Douglas Hendricks on Photo Management

PatientNOW spoke with Dr. Douglas Hendricks, a long-time customer and super user of the Medical Records Studio version, about how important before and after photos are to him in his office, and how he sets up a photo management protocol with his staff and practice. He explained how having the photos readily available for usage during consultations and post-op is very key.

“We sometimes have patients that come in that may forget their pre-op appearance and how far of an improvement there has been over time. I sit down oneonone with these patients and we look at where they were before the surgery compared to the post-op result , and then even may take a photo also right then to show them where they are today. Every single patient in this case walks out on a cloud, completely turned around and exclaiming “I just forgot how bad it was!”

Dr. Hendricks also went on to explain how important the photo consent was. He previously used the consent information in his system to collect a consent for photos during the patient’s first visit, but realized that patients have a tendency to just say “No” to any use of their images until they have decided to choose you as their surgeon, and have built the trust and comfort with you and your staff members.

Pacifica Waiting Room
Pacifica Surgery Center waiting room displaying Before & After Photos for patient education

I use a separate consent that I present to the patient later in the process that allows the patient to agree for us to use their photos in different ways. I have my staff members explain how we will be using their photos, so they are less likely to misunderstand the usage of the photos. I use this as an electronic document in PatientNOW, and then that consent gets placed into their patient record.”

Before and after photos are so important. I’m currently updating my website right now and pulling new images to showcase the results that we provide for patients; having a clear consent in place to be able to know what photos I can use is important. I even take it a step further and if I am going to use a patient’s photo on my website, I will send them a link to the preview page for them to approve first before posting publicly.”

Dr. Douglas Hendricks
Dr. Douglas Hendricks

Dr. Douglas Hendricks has been using PatientNOW for 8 years in his practice, Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Center.

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