Roxanne Engel Durkin, PhD

“In doing a phased implementation of PatientNOW we have been able to put into practice various portions of this comprehensive solution in bite sized pieces. PatientNOW’s training staff has worked with us, at our pace, so that we are now beginning to get a great return for our investment.”

Heidi Gilchrist, MD

“Remote completion of the patients’ demographics, insurance information, and consent forms alone has cut my front desk staff’s work for a new patient to almost zero. This has markedly decreased patients’ perception of time wasted waiting while my staff entered their data. Plus, it makes my practice seem very modern and efficient to new patients.”

Tania Atagi, MD, FACS

Because we are paperless, patients continually commented on how beautiful and uncluttered our office is when compared to other medical offices.”

Michael Edwards, MD, FACS

We are not a tech savvy office, so the training team at PatientNOW went above and beyond the call to work with our staff at our comprehension level to confidently implement the PatientNOW system at our practice. Many times when we call, they address our need immediately and to me that’s great support! One of our favorite features is the ability to immediately customize any of our patient communications. The appointment reminders have saved us time and cut down on our No Shows

Randolph Waldman, MD

I love our PatientNOW Software System. We have implemented it at our practice, and the folks at PatientNOW couldn’t have been more helpful. It functions well in all areas of our office … as well as allows our patients to complete paperwork electronically