How the Right Plastic Surgery Software Can Grow Your Practice

While a well-constructed website and the right marketing can go far in building your plastic surgery practice, your daily operations also play a significant role in your success. Once patients find your practice, they need to feel like you are the right surgeon for their specific needs. The right software is essential to ensure you have ample time to spend with your patients without sacrificing the growth of your office. That is where PatientNOW can give you the support you need to bring your office efficiency to the next level and increase both patient acquisition and retention.

Patient Engagement

Developing a long-term patient relationship is easy when you have the right patient engagement software. These programs can track your patients, reminding them when it is time for their next round of treatment or offering additional procedures they might be interested in having. Software from PatientNOW even allows you to set up a rewards program offering patients discounts when they come in for regular treatments. With plenty of options for remaining in contact with your patients, you can rest assured your retention numbers will be on the rise.

Practice Automation

The era of getting bogged down in paperwork has long passed, thanks to the ability to automate your office with paperless procedures that will keep your records in order without the man hours needed to manually maintain them. From e-prescribing to patient scheduling, our software can help you make all of your processes more efficient so you and your staff spend less time staring at computer screens and more time interfacing with patients. Error rates will be reduced as human error is taken out of the equation as well.

Efficient Management

Whether you are getting new patients to complete paperwork or sending automated reminders, a comprehensive software program will make the daily tasks easier on both your staff and your patients. Online forms and e-signatures allow your patients to complete paperwork before their first appointment while automated appointment reminders reduce your patient no-shows. Our software even generates to-do lists for your staff, making their job more efficient by outlining the tasks they need to complete daily.

Revenue Management

Billing and collecting is an essential part of your practice, but likely the part that you enjoy the least. By implementing the right practice software, this process also becomes more automated, making it much easier and more efficient for you to track payments as they come in. In addition, less time on revenue management means more face time with your patients, which will increase patient satisfaction, referrals and revenue overall. At the same time, you won’t have to worry about missed payments that can interfere with your cash flow and the daily operations of your practice.

Running a successful plastic surgery practice is about much more than offering the procedures patients are looking for. You need automated practices in place that will enhance the efficiency of your office without sacrificing your personal time with patients. PatientNOW offers customizable solutions to automate the administrative part of your practice, reducing errors, improving efficiency and enhancing your patients’ experiences. To learn more, contact PatientNOW at 888-644-2987.