Save Time and Increase Earnings By Simplifying In The New Year

Time — you have no more precious commodity. When you save time, you can reinvest it in your practice in many ways. You can care for more patients, ensure your staff provides outstanding care, streamline your workflow and protocols, keep better control over your financials and, of course, focus on bringing in new business. Before you can achieve any of these goals for your practice, however, you have to find ways to save time.

PatientNOW’s comprehensive EMR workflow, practice management tools, extensive partner add-on’s and partnership initiatives give you a single place to monitor, manage and act upon the information crucial not only to your success but your competitiveness in your market. PatientNOW enables you to save time, make your practice as efficiently as possible, and maximize the financial return on your hard work and patient care.

PatientNOW — a single workflow tool for all your practice needs

Perhaps no single practice improvement you can put into effect will do as much to save you time and increase your revenue as an EMR. PatientNOW’s EMR includes numerous features designed to enable your practice to run smoothly, ensuring that your patients reap the benefits.

Online scheduling makes it easy for your patients to make an appointment anywhere, and automated reminders help ensure they don’t miss appointments. Electronic consents and patient histories increase the accuracy of your patient records and allow you to retrieve relevant data quickly and easily. You can also manage all procedure-related documentation through your PatientNOW EMR, including patient education, pre-surgery checklists and after-care instructions.

A PatientNOW EMR also makes it easy to reach your patients anytime whether through direct text, emails or the patient portal. Automated electronic mailings can inform your patients of new treatment options and also suggest additional procedures which may benefit them once they have completed their current recovery.

With a PatientNOW EMR automating many necessary but administrative practice functions, you and your staff can use the time you save to keep your existing patients happy, and with PatientNOW’s robust patient-outreach tools, you can consistently and easily communicate this value proposition, translating it into additional procedures and more patients.

PatientNOW’s Partner Programs Let You Increase Your Offerings Without Complicating Your Workflow

A PatientNOW EMR not only can help you effectively manage your workflow, but will also work effectively alongside partner services, increasing and not limiting your practice offerings.

PatientNOW’s partnerships with Canfield Imaging Systems and New Look Now® allow you to enhance your consultation experience with high-resolution images and photo simulations which will give your patients the most accurate and realistic expectations for prospective procedures.

Also, through, you can incorporate dedicated lead generation and conversion into your EMR, and with Compass Billing, you can free even more time by enabling support full-service accounts receivable support including insurance and collections when you need it.

The partnerships mentioned above represent only a few of the many PatientNOW relationships which can expand upon a PatientNOW EMR integration and give your practice broader support in meeting patients’ needs. By freeing up your time and enhancing patient care, PatientNOW’s partner-friendly approach allows you to focus on your patients and not your systems which means more repeat business and referrals.

Patient Approved® Helps Patients Find You, Build Your Online Reputation and Create New Business

Patient Approved® — just one of many PatientNOW partners — seamlessly integrates with PatientNOW’s EMR and can significantly boost your online profile, helping you capitalize on organic patient reviews, respond to patient issues, communicate successes to prospective customers and convert your online reputation into new business.

Positive reviews do little good for your practice if prospective patients don’t know about them. PatientNOW with Patient Approved® helps capture and promote positive reviews your practice receives and publish them on your own website and social media channels, ensuring that prospective patients see them and that you incur the maximize benefit from them. A Patient Approved® medallion on your web collaterals unmistakably communicates your practice’s commitment to excellence.

The best news — a significant portion of the review gathering, vetting, ranking and publication happens automatically. You will reap all the marketing benefits of your strong reputation in your specialty simply by including a Patient Approved® workflow into your current PatientNOW EMR. Most importantly, you have an extra assurance of always having satisfied patients.

PatientNOW Allows You to Save Time, Work Better and Earn More

Whatever our role, we all want to simplify. This goal poses a unique challenge to doctors whose burdens include complex procedures, high-volume scheduling, document management and retention requirements and even inventory controls. These special requirements, however, do not make simplifying impossible if you have the right tools.

A PatientNOW EMR through its feature-rich workflow management tools, complementary add-on modules and broad industry partnerships can address many of the most potent challenges you face all from one application, even from the palm of your hand. Utilizing a custom integration, you can also tackle only the problems most important to you without over-investing in solutions from which you won’t fully benefit.

To discuss all the ways a PatientNOW EMR can help you optimize your practice, and to discuss the additional benefits you can receive from your existing PatientNOW EMR, call us today at 888-644-2987. You can simplify and earn more, and PatientNOW can help.

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