Snow Day

Snow Days! Preparing for the Unexpected

Sometimes no matter how prepared you are, outside forces of nature can work against you. Proactively preparing and planning for the unexpected will help ensure your practice runs smoothly or that the proper internal communications plans are put into effect for conveying any changes to your patients.

Items for consideration in managing communications with your patients:

  1. How do your patients WANT to be communicated?
    Be proactive and log how your patients want to be reached, whether by phone, text or email. Designate the level of communications, whether it’s for appointment information only, for general practice communications, or for special offers.
  2. Create an emergency office closing protocol
    Assign one dedicated staff member to compile an internal action plan for what procedures will be followed in the event of an office closure.
  3. Notifications to your patients
    Generate a list of your appointments that are scheduled for the day. Create and tailor your message to be sent out to the patients.
  4. Resource management
    Be sure that you have the proper resources to execute the plans that you have in place. For example, if you ask patients to call back and reschedule their appointments, be sure to have the personnel bandwidth to manage the additional inbound calls.
  5. Be flexible and accommodating!
    How your staff performs in the “out of the norm” situations will really resonate with your patients. Going above and beyond can help add to happiness of your patients, and lead to more loyalty at the practice.

    screenshot list report
    Example of an Appointment by Date report in PatientNOW.

    email notification
    Example of an email template t with custom link fields to communicate with patients in unexpected situations

PatientNOW provides comprehensive reporting that can be easily generated and used for communications.

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