Solutions Overview

Listed below are the core solutions of patientNOW. Contact us to see a live demonstration of any of these features in action.


The Charge Capture rapid charge entry screen can be used to enter charges during or after the appointment.  You can enter procedures and diagnosis with the click of a mouse through predefined superbills.  To speed up charge entry, you can create superbills as categories containing sets of codes.


Order and receive labs from your computer.  Send orders to laboratories and draw stations electronically and update the patient record in real time.  Results can be received directly in patientNOW using HL7 or another interface.  Results are filed directly in the patient’s electronic record and staff is alerted.

Document Management

QuickVIEW document management looks just like your paper charts, with colored tabs, tab names, and the ability to flip through with ease. Pages appear instantly as you are browsing the EMR.  Easily manage photos, charts, signatures and more.

Electronic Signature

SignatureNow allows you to digitally sign transcriptions, lab results and other documents in a legally binding manner. The product integrates with Adobe Acrobat, Windows, and patientNOW documents.

Email Marketing

patientNOW tracks patients who have subscribed to your email list and is continually updating the list with any opt-out requests.  With the Patient Portal, you’ll rapidly gain new subscribers, so your staff can follow up on leads.


Our encryption model is one of the strongest, most secure methods of sending documents over the Internet. It exceeds HIPAA requirements.  The medical information you send will only be viewed by the intended recipients.

Insurance Billing

As a separate module, our insurance billing function increases your efficiency with online eligiblity checking, online referrals and authorizations, real time claim status updates, and electronic claim tracking.


patientNOW features a robust quoting system that allows you to build multiple quotes based on patient requests or your recommendations.  Create templates that match your existing templates or design them to your specifications.


Creating notes with patientNOW has a natural flow. Use your tablet pc or laptop to create detailed and accurate notes, all while you are visiting with your patient.  We provide several templates and include provisions for dictation or typing.


Pathways navigates your office through simple workflow options designed to promote the success of your medical practice.  By generating tasks, reminders, and automated services, each stage of your patient’s care is managed according to your specifications.

Photo Media

Load photos directly into your EMR and patient charts.  Stop the constant uploading and indexing of photos. Photos can be tagged or marked up for easy searching and future reference.


Online registration through the Patient Portal allows your patients to send detailed records securely to your office, while eliminating data entry for your staff.  It can even notify you via email or pager that a chart has been completed.

RX Now*

Streamline the prescription process by automating prescription writing and tracking.  Just build a list of common medications you prescribe and a list of local pharmacies.  Then select a pharmacy and add medications with the click of a button.


Scheduling, check-in, and patient flow is one of our most utilized features.  Use it to ensure your patients are scheduled with the right staff members, in the proper area.  Be aware of your own schedule and be aware of cancellations to make the best use of your valuable time.  Of course, the schedule can synchronize with your Smartphone or Microsoft Outlook program.

*Features only available in Medical Records Studio

Charge Capture

Capture Charges

The Charge Capture rapid charge entry screen can be used to enter charges during or after the appointment.

You can enter procedures and diagnosis with the click of a mouse through predefined superbills.  To speed up charge entry, you can create superbills as categories containing sets of codes.

Once a charge is closed, Charge Capture merges the charges with templates and a document is created and automatically filed into the patientNOW chart. Charge Capture then sends the information through HL7 to interface with most practice management systems on the market today.

Besides allowing you to add codes from predefined superbill categories, Charge Capture provides instant access to Ingenix coding, billing, compliance and reimbursement information online. Updates are delivered directly to the application and all of your code sets are included with the purchase of patientNOW.

Lay descriptions and indicators help you understand whether a code carries a sex or age edit; is covered by Medicare; or contains bundled procedures.

You can also see which modifiers are valid for particular CPT and/or HCPCS codes as well as being able to find all of the valid ICD-9 code related to a particular procedure. This is a great tool for doing coding research and makes creating your superbill definitions an easy and accurate process.


Lab and diagnostic details

All diagnostic testing, including labs, imaging and physical therapy, is ordered and tracked directly in patientNOW. Save time, effort, and money by eliminating administrative tasks in managing lab results.

Lab interfaces are available for the following companies:

  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Labcorp
  • Dianon
  • D-PATH
  • CBLpath

Order and receive labs from your computer.  Send orders to laboratories and draw stations electronically and update the patient record in real time.  Results can be received directly in patientNOW using HL7 or another interface.  Results are filed directly in the patient’s electronic record and staff is alerted.  Results can be reviewed and signed online.

How It Works

Order diagnostic tests using orders in patientNOW.  After the laboratory has completed testing, the results are securely sent to the patientNOW server.

patientNOW processes the data from the lab results and stores it in the database. Based on key information such as test id, date, patient name and date-of-birth, the report is automatically filed and stored into the electronic patient chart. The type of lab report, date received and physician requesting the results are additional information that is stored with the report.


Staff is alerted immediately when test results are received and values are out of the reference range.  Text page or emails are sent to staff members automatically. This greatly reduces risk.

Once the lab results are stored under the patient chart, an electronic notification is sent to the physician. The notification can either be an e-mail or SMS message with an id for the results. The physician reviews the results; out of range results can even be flagged as a high priority for immediate review within the workflow system.

With SignatureNow, the physician electronically approves and the results are stamped with the physician’s name, date, and timestamp. The physician can also send the results to one or several other people in the office for additional review.

Document Management

Medical Diagrams

Go completely Green with EMR – be a paperless office.

Our patient documents look just like your paper charts, with colored tabs and tab names that match your existing documents. QuickVIEW is just like flipping through a paper file — pages appear instantly as you flip through.

Although we can eliminate most paper use with EMR, paper documents will remain in use.  patientNOW EMR comes with fully integrated document management, improving your organization process:

  • Manage scanned images
  • Manage E-Mail and Faxes
  • Capture patient signatures
  • Photo storage and management
  • Word processing
  • Diagnostic images

Our unique EMR barcode system reduces manual indexing and eliminates data entry errors. Pages will always be in the right chart.

Capture patient signatures digitally

When the patient arrives for their appointment, staff can hand them a Tablet PC running the Register|Now Client Application. Your patients can now digitally sign the same form they filled out on the Web site. HIPAA forms, consents, as well as fees and payments can also be digitally authorized. Digital patient signatures are embedded within the documents and automatically stored into the patientNOW system.


Scan paper, insurance cards, driver licenses and photos and add them to your EMR.  Scan templates to get your documents in the right place every time.  Scan both sides of a document simultaneously – with full color and expansion to full-page size.

Export Documents

Documentation of Medical DiagramsExport patient charts quickly and easily to streamline your workflow.  Send documents for review, signature, pre-authorization, or fax.  Different staff members can be assigned incoming documents for review, digital signatures or other purposes.

With patientNOW EMR, you can easily route work to the most cost-effective staff member in an efficient manner. Physicians and Staff can be alerted about their specific queues, so they never miss an important document or task.

Mailings and Letters

Not everyone reads emails or has an email account.  Plus, mailings are cost-effective and very measurable.  Generate labels, envelopes, letters and packages for mailing.  You can purchase neighborhood lists for areas that match the demographics of your ideal customer.  Let them know you exist.  Include your before and after photos, practice logo, or other images.

Electronic Signature

Electronic SignatureThe Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, also known as the “Millennium Digital Commerce Act” and the “E-SIGN bill” provides Electronic signatures the same legal status as handwritten signatures.

  • Gives legal validity to electronic records and contracts.
  • Authorizes businesses to replace paper records, such as warranties, contracts, and notices, with electronic records
  • Applies regardless of whether the transaction is conducted online or offline
  • Applies regardless of the consumer’s access to electronic records

SignatureNow is a digital signature product that integrates into patientNOW documents, Adobe Acrobat, and the Windows environment. This allows you to digitally sign transcriptions, lab results and other documents in a legally binding manner.  It also places a visual signature on each document that can include an electronic version of your physical signature if desired.

Use SignatureNOW with RTF forms, tiff images, JPG and PDF. You can sign files directly from within patientNOW through the intuitive icons of SignatureNow.

SignatureNow with Adobe Acrobat

SignatureNOW works over Adobe’s native digital signature format, providing several valuable additions to the digital signature process such as:

  • Ability to associate a handwritten signature
  • Functioning with Internet Explorer and Entrust security frameworks
  • Support for OCSP and CAM validation
  • Defining the signing sequence
  • Time stamp support

Electronic Signature Features Mandated by HIPAA Requirement

Requirement: Message Integrity

A feature that would not only bind a signature to a document but also show that the document had not been altered after the signature had been affixed to it. If altered, then the signature would be invalidated.

How Message Integrity is Addressed by SignatureNow

Once a document has been signed, any changes to it would render the signature invalid. This ensures data integrity and assures the recipient that the data / document has not changed after it was signed.

Requirement: Non-Repudiation

This would disallow a sender from denying that he or she signed a particular message, thus, enabling the recipient to easily prove that the sender actually did sign the document.

How Non-Repudiation is Addressed by SignatureNow
SignatureNOW’s products tie the identity of senders to the content they sign thereby binding them to the information they sign. Also, once a document has been signed, any changes to it will automatically be reflected in the signature status by rendering the signature invalid.

Requirement: Authentication
A technology that would authenticate the signer’s identity at the time the electronic signature is generated.

How Authentication is Addressed by SignatureNow
Through SignatureNOW’s digital signature policies, organizations can centrally mandate that signer’s identity (in effect his/her digital certificate), be authenticated and checked for validity before the signature is applied to the data or transaction.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Email Blast Example

Start by choosing a concept – an event, special offer, or new procedure – and then design your e-blast. Determine your target audience: do you want to send the e-mail to every patient or a specific group of patients? Next, launch your e-blast at an opportune time and measure the results.

patientNOW integrates with Swiftpage to offer a wide range of email marketing solutions.

  • Design beautiful full color emails
  • Email your entire patient base, or target specific groups
  • Announce events and specials with style!

Email blasts should make up a significant portion of your marketing efforts.  They’re easy to develop and extremely effective.  With tools from patientNOW, your office can send thousands of email blasts in minutes.


You’ll rapidly gain new subscribers to your email list when you set up Online Registration with the Patient Portal.  patientNOW tracks the patients that have subscribed to your email list and constantly updates the list with any opt-out requests.


Advanced reporting tells you who opened your emails, how many times the email was opened, which links were clicked on, who the email was forwarded to, and what time each event occurred.  These details are used to generate follow-up lists for your coordinators.

How to Be Successful in Email Marketing

The most successful email marketing campaigns convey a simple message that entices your subscribers to seek more information.  With each email campaign, you should motivate your prospective patients to:

  • Call your office
  • Click a link to your website
  • Email your patient coordinator

Encryption compresses all of your release documents and then creates a message digest. It then encrypts the data using Blowfish symmetric key encryption using a randomly generate key. The data is then sent to the portal and the key is sent to the receiving party. This way the key is never even stored on the servers and only the receiving party can decrypt it. then used Rijndael (AES Encryption) to double encrypt using a private key on the server before it is stored. This way, even if someone would somehow get access to our servers that are located at a secured facility, they would not be able to decrypt it.

When the receiving party then logs in using the MxRetrieve for Windows client, they enter the key they received from the sending party. The servers then decrypt the Rijndael (AES) decryption routines and send the data to the retrieval program. The retrieval program then applies the secret key locally using the Blowfish decryption routines and the documents are decompressed and compared against the original message digest for authentication. At this point the receiving party can import them into whatever programs they use to deal with their documents.

This provides one of the strongest, most secure methods of sending documents over the Internet available today. It far exceed HIPAA requirements, giving you the peace of mind that you need — knowing that  medical information you send will only be viewed by its intended recipients.

What is Symmetric Key Encryption?

In symmetric key encryption, you and your receiving party share a “secret” key. Using this key, you can encrypt a message into “cyphertext”. Cyphertext looks like a random sequence of characters and is completely meaningless to anyone unless they also have the secret key, in which case they can decrypt the cyphertext back into the original message and read it.

Using symmetric key encryption, eavesdropping and unwanted backups of your messages are no longer a problem (unless the eavesdropper knows what your secret key is). It also becomes harder for someone to modify your messages in transit in any kind of a meaningful way.

What Are Message Digests / Authentication Codes?

A “Message Digest” or “Message Authentication Code” is really a very simple concept. You take your message and pass it through an algorithm that spits out a relatively short sequence of characters (maybe 64 or 128 or so of them). This sequence of character is a “fingerprint” for the message. Any minute change in the message would produce a significantly different “fingerprint”. There is no way to obtain the original message from its fingerprint and it is almost impossible to find two messages that yield the same fingerprint (just like trying to find 2 people who are not twins that have the same actual fingerprints).

Message Digests are quick ways to check to see if a message has been altered. If you have a digest of the original message and compare it with a digest of the message you just received and they match, then you know that the message has been unaltered.

Insurance Billing

Insurance Claim Submission

Insurance Billing is a separate module in patientNOW, because many cosmetic surgery practices and medical spas do not have an insurance component.  Key features of the patientNOW Insurance Billing feature are listed below:

Online Eligibility
Online Eligibility is a fast and reliable validation of patient eligibility information that is retrieved within seconds of your query. Not only will you learn if a patient is eligible, but you also will see additional information such as primary care provider, co-pay, and deductible incformation.

Online Referrals and Authorizations
Online Referrals and Authorizations eliminate the need to spend hours on the phone with insurance companies in order to obtain referral and authorization responses. You can conduct referrals and pre-certifications quickly and effortlessly, as well as check on the status of your queries.

Real-Time Claim Status
Get instant and continuous claim status information on submitted claims directly from the payer’s adjudication system. You no longer have to wonder where a claim is within the payer’s adjudication process once it leaves your office.

Electronic Claim Tracking
No matter how you send claims to Ingenix, Electronic Claim Tracking (ECT) allows you to query or track each claim or group of claims submitted. ECT provides fast access to claim details and all tracking information generated after you submit your claims. ECT is a web-based query of your electronic and paper claims, allowing a quick search for any claim and prompt receipt by payers—greatly reducing research time.

Secondary Claim Processing
Secondary Claim Processing is available in conjunction with our Electronic Claims Tracking feature. Data from the primary claims is used to create the secondary claim. This allows you to file secondary claims electronically, reducing billing costs and speeding payment.

Paper Statements Option
HCFA Printed Claim SubmissionYou can print statements and mail them yourself or have ENS mail them for 58 cents each.  Give your patients the option to pay by credit card or check through the ENS website at only 2.87% cost to you.

Ingenix-ENS Clearinghouse
Electronically submit HIPAA-compliant claims via the Ingenix Claims Exchange to more than 1,600 insurance companies nationwide while gaining access to powerful automation tools that can transform your office into a state-of-the-art practice.

Live training provided by patientNOW and IngenixENS

Live help through patientNOW M-F 8:00 AM MST – 5:00 PM MST

Outsource Your Insurance Billing

  • Insurance Billing Service at
  • Configuration costs $1,500
  • Pay 5% – 6% of the Amount Collected. Insurance only
  • No Need to Employ a Biller
  • All claims are prepared, reviewed and submitted electronically to the insurance companies
  • Denials are Followed Up with Promptly to Ensure you Get Paid
  • patientNOW interfaces directly with the billing service, sending patient demographics, insurance information, referring provider and charges
  • Your practice is paid directly by the insurance companies
  • You then pay the billing service 5% – 6% of the revenue collected from insurance companies


patientNOW features a robust quoting system that allows you to build multiple quotes and cosmetic invoices based on patient requests or your recommendations.  Create templates that match your existing templates or design them to your specifications.

Variations of Cosmetic Invoices

There are several quote variations you can choose with 1 click of the mouse:cosmetic invoices

Detailed Quote
  • Fees and taxes listed for procedure, product, operating room, anesthesia, recovery room, and more
  • Fees and taxes broken down separately and totaled
Global Quote

Cosmetic Reports

  • All procedures and products listed
  • Fees shown as one global amount
Custom Quote
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Medical Spa

Quotes can be turned into invoices in a single click. Invoices automatically subtract products from inventory and utilize patientNOW reporting to analyze:

  • Products
  • Procedures
  • Sales
  • Productivity
  • Practice Management
  • Marketing

Our complete point-of-sale system uses touch screen monitors and barcode readers to streamline your checkout process and make your staff efficient.

Accurate Medical Notes

medical notes

Creating Medical Notes with patientNOW

Creating good medical notes often takes longer than the actual patient visit. patientNOW Encounter Notes are designed to provide accurate notes that can be completed while you are with the patient. You should be able to eliminate or reduce dictation with patientNOW.

Creating medical notes with patientNOW has a natural flow. Use your tablet pc or laptop computer with any of following means:

  1. Encounter Note templates
  2. Referral Note Templates
  3. Snippets of data
  4. HPI questionnaire
  5. ROS questionnaire
  6. Image library
  7. Photos
  8. Data point templates
  9. Chief complaint
  10. Procedure
  11. Surgery
  12. Problem
  13. Coding template
  14. Electronic Signature

patientNOW is delivered to you with many standard templates ready for use. When selected, each template is automatically populated with data from patientNOW.

Create notes by any one of these or combinations.

  • Template
  • Typing
  • Hand write
  • Voice recognition
  • Dictation


patientNOW pathways

Treatment Pathways is the most powerful revenue driving tool in patientNOW. Patients are tracked through the appointments that are created in the patient scheduler and whether they are checked in. Each appointment can have a different confirmation protocol – including an automatic email and an automatic text that each have a specific message and timeframe for when they go out. After each appointment is checked in there is a specific protocol that can vary from post consult follow up to an email reminder that it’s time to return for your next injectable appointment. Treatment Pathways can even send letters and packets to a specific printer and tray that you designate.

The only follow up your staff will have to do manually is pick up the phone and call. This is so powerful because staying in touch with your patients has been proven time and time again to help increase surgeries and treatments scheduled while also helping to keep patients returning for more and referring friends and family. Purchasing and implementing patientNOW’s Treatment Pathways is like hiring a full time patient care coordinator without having to pay for their salary and benefits.

Task Management

patientNOW Pathways Patient ManagementPathways can help you manage necessary tasks from the referral, consultation and throughout the treatment.

  • Automatically print documents such as referral thank you letters
  • Automatically send email reminders or notices
  • Assigns tasks for completion to appropriate staff members
  • Prompt specific documentation for staff members
  • Ensure proper follow-through with each patient and treatment

Front Office Operations

Pathways can enhance the efficiency of your front office staff, so they can concentrate on assisting patients.  For example, the system will automatically print documents such as Consent forms or remind a staff member to make a follow-up call to a patient’s insurance company.

Quality Assurance

Pathways will serve as an important component of your Quality Assurance program. Incident reports and task follow-ups are generated and tracked, providing both the necessary documentation and administrative tools you need for outstanding quality control.


Pathways is the ultimate medical marketing tool. The system tracks who your patients are, what services they seek, how they found you, and provides the steps needed to retain that patient. As a fully integrated system, the system interfaces with patient accounts and billing information, giving you full demographic data and the ability to assign tasks appropriate to billing or marketing needs.  For aesthetic practices, Pathways also provides a crucial patient contact system.

Find the RIGHT patients:

Pathways direct your staff through the necessary follow-up actions needed to get patients through your front door. From the initial contact with your office, pathways will make certain assessments of the prospect, based on these criteria:

  • Timeframe
  • Procedures requested
  • Medical history

This assessment will then generate the appropriate follow-up sequence for addressing that particular patient. If a patient should not be pursued, you and your staff will know, so you can allocate time accordingly.

With patientNOW, you can fill your consultation schedule with the best candidates. During consultations, Pathways prompts and records the right questions for your potential patients.  You’ll have more consultations and more conversions into treatment or surgery.

Optimize Your Process for Each Patient

Pathways is designed in a way that recognizes varying patient needs.  Follow-up tasks are assigned with input from multiple patient factors – not as generic defaults.  For example, breast augmentation follow-up protocols have a different workflow than those of facelifts or laser treatments. Workflow tasks are also adjusted for the patient’s time frame and interest level.

None of the current patient management programs can compete with the integrated and sophisticated functionality of patientNOW Pathways. Contact us to learn more about Pathways and other medical practice solutions from patientNOW.

Photo Media

before and afterFor any aesthetic practice, the sharing of before and after photos has become a routine part of each patient visit, serving many important functions:

  • Patient identification
  • Demonstrate potential results
  • Document clinical findings
  • Showcase before and after results
  • Marketing and website features

Every patient who enters your aesthetic practice requires the optimal cosmetic surgery photo management process that patientNOW can offer. You need identification and verification in your front office, demonstrations of possible results in a consultation with a new patient, or documentation of your patient’s results for showcasing and marketing. The photo management features integrated into patientNOW’s electronic records management (ERM) system is essential to the success of your medical practice.

Not only can photos be filed into the patient’s chart, you can place the photos in any note or document, eliminating the time you currently spend searching for the right photo. Put the right picture next to the right notes. And even better, with patientNOW you have full mark-up capabilities with just a standard web camera at your front desk and a digital camera in your exam room, the photos are readily available for consults.

Photo Tags


By tagging your photos, you can search for them by category.  Label them by procedure, body area, patient name, ethnicity, age, and more. Photos can be accessed during a consult, by demographic to show success stories at your practice.  Quickly export photos to your online photo gallery, Power Point presentation, or patientNOW gallery.


Just as our program allows you to move through charts quickly, you can browse photos in seconds with QuickVIEW.  Photos will display in seconds when you move your cursor over them. No other program will display photos this quickly.

Canfield Mirror and United Imaging Integration

patientNOW integrates directly with Canfield Mirror Software and United Imaging.  Integrating these systems within patientNOW allows physicians and technicians to use these technologies to their full potential as both diagnostic and communication tools. These advanced software programs help you simulate potential results or detect potentially harmful skin conditions.

Audio and Video

Recording audio and video for documentation within patient records with an attached microphone or integrated microphone, you can record the patient-provider dialogue. You can document procedures with streaming video that lands directly into the patient record.

Our Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) system helps you capture individual images from CD, a batch of images, or all images from a CD or from diagnostic image-centered website. Imbedded DICOM viewer shows full header detail and view any way you want it: black and white, inverted black and white, hot metal and inverted hot metal.

Reports and documentation available as images on your tablet

Contact us to learn more about the wide variety of cosmetic surgery photo management tools that can be utilized within the patientNOW software solution.

For more information call: 800-436-3150

Online Registration

Patient Portal – Online Patient Registration

Patient Portal by patientNOWPatient Portal allows your prospective patients to transmit detailed information securely – right to your office.  When a patient registers with MxRegister, you receive information such as:

  • Name and address
  • Email address
  • Health history
  • Referring doctors
  • Procedure of interest

Other programs use basic email for the online transmission of patient health information – a less secure option. patientNOW Patient Portal provides absolute security of your patient’s private information.

Your patient fills out the form and submits it to a secure server.  Patient Portal will then notify you via email or pager that a chart has been completed, so you can login and retrieve the data.

Keyless Data Entry Saves Time and Money

Why enter data twice? Your patient already entered in their registration and health history for you. eliminates redundant data entry for your front desk by integrating with your practice management software.  Patient information is simply verified by your front desk, accepted, and converted into a new patient account, saving valuable time.

When you provide your patients with a secure, convenient way to register online, you save your staff time, your practice money, and help ensure a streamlined patient visit.

How Online Registration Supports Marketing

The Patient Portal provides a 24-hour gateway to your practice.  Prospective patients can submit their information at any time.  The data fields on your registration form allow you to track patients and contact them in your future marketing efforts.  Building a large patient database is easy with patientNOW.  All you will need to do is follow-up and convert those prospects into patients.

RX Now

Electronic prescription writing – for legible prescriptions in less time.

Prescription WritingPrescription writing has always been an area of much debate between physicians, pharmacists and patients. Taking the extra time to decipher a physician’s handwriting may sound like a feasible resolution. Contacting the physician (if available) to discuss the prescription is also an alternative. But there is any easier way to ensure that everyone knows what is being prescribed – and it takes less time than writing out the prescriptions by hand. It’s electronic prescription writing.

How RxNOW Works

With RxNOW, your practice can streamline the prescription process by automating the process of writing and tracking prescriptions. You can easily build a list of common medications (drug, dosage, notes, etc.) your practice prescribes and a list of local pharmacies as you are writing your first prescriptions. After that, you can select a pharmacy and add medications with the click of a button.

RxNOW displays current and past prescriptions, so you always have quick and accurate access to patient prescription information. RxNOW will alert you about drug interactions and drug allergy warnings, including precaution warnings for geriatric, pediatric, pregnant, and lactating women. Specific medication instructions can also be entered into a note field.

Once you save a prescription it goes into the prescription history so you always have easy access to patient prescription information. Then an actual prescription document is created and automatically files into the patientNOW chart.

With one click of the mouse, you can print a prescription-style paper or fax the prescriptions and refills directly to the pharmacy.

patientNOW has obtained approvable status from the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy as an electronic prescribing system


Scheduling, Check-In and Patient Flow

Room SchedulingpatientNOW Scheduling is both easy to use and comprehensive. With the use of pre-defined appointment types, you can ensure that appointments are scheduled with the appropriate providers and staff in addition to blocking out rooms and equipment when needed.  patientNOW scheduling includes many user-friendly features:

  • Color-coding allows users to note appointments and daily schedules
  • View schedules in variable time increments, defined by your preferences
  • Appointments can be assigned default lengths to reduce scheduling inconsistencies

patientNOW’s Scheduling software is very intuitive. It synchronizes with MS Outlook and Smart Phones.  All functions are available as buttons on the scheduling screen or on the right click menu.  There’s no need to spend days learning how to schedule; most users easily learn the system in a day or less.

Appointment Flow

Patient SchedulingCheck patients in and place them in the waiting room.  Move them to any room and this will display in the Appoint Flow box. Every one in the office will know where each patient is and how long the patient has been there. Optimize your time and keep patients happy.

Patients for Today

  • Checks patients in and out
  • Tracks the patient’s movement through your office
  • Collects co-payments
  • Prints check-in documents
  • Allow patients to sign documents electronically
  • Show cancellations

Check-In Documents

patientNOW provides professionally designed templates for your paper check-in documents.  They will print with your logo, have the patient’s data already filled in the form, and be ready for the patients review at check-in.

A barcode is added to each document.  After the patient signs the form, drop it into the scanner and it is automatically indexed into an electronic chart. This eliminates the possibility of misfiling important documents.

Sign Electronically

Using a signature pad or tablet PC, let the patient review and sign their forms electronically. Eliminate the need to print documents for signature and then scan back in; electronic signing is very easy. Patients are already familiar with the technology from signing at department stores, UPS deliveries, and credit card transactions—you will find they will easily adapt to your signature pad at your office.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Your patients will be given the option to receive appointment reminders via email or text message.  No staff involvement is needed.  You simply set a message for each appointment type and set a specific time (days before the appointment) for the reminder to be sent. Learn More About Our Appointment Reminder.

Make more money with software that runs your entire business & keeps your patients coming back for life.

  • Attract

    More Patients

    Automate your workflow to streamline a consistent sales follow-up process, generating more treatments and surgeries.

  • Convert

    More Patients

    Lost leads are all made easy with our automated follow-up system. Immediate follow-up on your end satisfies their need for additional information and may help demonstrate that your practice is the right choice.

  • Retain

    More Patients >

    Your relationship with your patients should not end once they leave your office. You can automatically generate branded and targeted messages to keep that patient for life.

  • Grow

    Your Revenue

    A user-friendly interface with automated workflow eliminates manual tasking and human error, resulting in increased productivity and practice growth.