Today’s dermatologists succeed by keeping pace with the technological advances in their field. The smartest business solution, now popular nationwide is Dermatology EMR software, otherwise known as electronic medical record software. Many practices use it constantly to keep track of patients, records, and treatments.

The paperless electronic medical records software provided by PatientNOW is designed to provide dramatic improvements to the workflow of a dermatology office and allow significant customization and flexibility to meet the unique needs of any dermatology practice.

PatientNOW will reduce your expenses, streamline your dermatology office, better manage your patient’s records and allow you to make more efficient use of your time and resources. You’ll be able provide better service to your patients while reducing costs.

Patient Now
Remote completion of the patients’ demographics, insurance information, and consent forms alone has cut my front desk staff’s work for a new patient to almost zero. This has markedly decreased patients’ perception of time wasted waiting while my staff entered their data. Plus, it makes my practice seem very modern and efficient to new patients.
Heidi Gilchrist, MD

Save Time & Money with PatientNOW Dermatology EMR

Some doctors actually spend more time charting than they do treating patients. You spent enough time studying and training to treat your dermatology patients, let your EMR system handle the documentation for you and save you time. It’s simple. PatientNOW dermatology EMR mirrors your current clinical workflow and automates charting to save you time, so you can be more productive and provide better patient care.

Affordable and easy to implement, PatientNOW is a flexible system providing a comprehensive, clinical solution for dermatologists, as well as other aesthetic medical practices. With adaptable conversion applications, PatientNOW can import files from your existing EMR and practice management software. The BarcodeNOW program will scan, convert and import all of your paper files into a HIPAA-compliant database.

PatientNOW is affordable and robust dermatology EMR software to replace all the disjointed and outdated systems that won’t work together. An elegant and modern solution for managing your patient records, office processes, and marketing, you’ll be pleased with the integrated functionality of PatientNOW’s EMR software.

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