PatientNOW is a leading med spa software company offering comprehensive practice management software and EMR solutions to medical spas and aesthetic practices. Our Medical Spa Studio 7.0 product is a feature-rich and easy-to-use system perfect for both small and large medical spas alike.

Med Spa Studio 7.0 from PatientNOW is a fully integrated EMR, practice management software and marketing suite all in one affordable package. Designed to meet the unique needs of medical spas and cosmetic surgeons, PatientNOW focuses on streamlining many of the common day-to-day operations of aesthetic medical practices. Specialized workflow allows medical directors to review notes from the med spa remotely, have the ability to make changes and electronically sign.


Patient scheduling, billing, electronic document management, email marketing, photo organization, task management and electronic prescription writing are just a handful of the features available through our robust med spa software. Built-in features such as email and text message appointment reminders, Point of Sale with gift cards/ packages / commissions / inventory / quotes / and ability to link all of this data to a referral source. For a more in-depth overview of PatientNOW’s services, please visit our Solutions pages.

Our expert conversion services allow your medical spa practice to seamlessly migrate from an antiquated paper-based office to a simplified digital system. Having instant access to electronic medical records enhances accuracy, helps prevent filing errors, reduces time spent on data entry, heightens staff efficiency and eliminates unnecessary expenses.

PatientNOW has all the features a medical spa needs to become more efficient and increase revenue. Fill out the form on this page to request your software demonstration today!


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