PatientNOW, a fully-integrated document management system, is the best ROI for your IT dollars because an EMR for Cosmetic Surgery can actually save money by increasing the efficiency and limiting errors and the personnel costs for non-patient billable hours.

With the increase in government regulations for record keeping, profits seem to seep through the cracks into the great beyond. In paper-based patient files, every lab report, diagnostic, prescription, doctor’s order, or patient message that your staff has to physically file correlates to an increased possibility of being misfiled, creating ever greater liability for your practice. Errors may create disgruntled or even disfigured patients, raise malpractice insurance rates, and add to the stress of owning your own practice.

Patient Now

About PatientNOW EMR for Cosmetic Surgery

With electronic medical records (EMR) for cosmetic surgery the software manages the patient charts with all the scanned images, email and faxes, captured patient signatures, photo storage and management, and diagnostic images, just like a paper chart — complete with “virtual tabs” and tab names just like a paper file — everything can be “flipped” through as easily as sliding through the photos on your smart phone!

And with PatientNOW, you can easily route work to lab and diagnostics with the push of a button choosing the most cost-effective staff member in an efficient manner. Physicians and staff can be alerted to their specific queues, so they never miss an important document or task. Reports and signatures come back to you just as easily.

And PatientNOW meets the HIPAA requirements, too. No more hassles making sure you’re compliant – the verification and reporting is simple and accurate.

Scan all of your existing paper charts using BarcodeNOW. This PatientNOW module eliminates the need for manual indexing and makes it easy for a medical office to be completely paperless

Imagine EMR in your cosmetic surgery office with efficiency, accuracy, and a very happy staff. Request your demo now!

Do you take Medicare; PatientNOW is certified by ONC ATCB as a complete ambulatory EMR. You may qualify for up to $44,000 in reimbursement.

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