Staff Training Tips to Convert Patient Leads

While you have been focusing on your Google rankings to increase the number of patient inquiries to your office, have you been equally focused on converting those patient leads into actual appointments? Without effective conversion, your marketing efforts may not make a noticeable difference in your practice, other than keeping office staff busy on the phone all day. Make those leads work for you with staff training to convert patient leads into patient appointments.

Phone Training

Your website may initially attract patients to your practice, but what happens when the prospective patient actually picks up the phone? This is not an interaction to leave up to chance; instead, train your staff to handle all patient inquiries with the same level of professionalism and warmth. Many physicians even go as far as to script out phone greetings for staff to use so they are consistent.

Equally important is teaching your staff to ask the right questions to guide prospective patients to the procedures they might be most interested in. At the same time, collecting patient information is essential to allow for follow-up later on. Finally, you want your staff to know how to actually ask for the appointment and “close the sale,” so to speak.

What are Your Priorities?

If you want your staff to make patient conversion a priority, you need to convey that importance to your employees on a regular basis. You and your office manager should hold regular meetings to discuss patient conversion and provide results your practice has recently seen in this area. Regular training also shows your staff you value patient conversion and that you are willing to provide them the education and support they need to make this a successful component in your practice.

In addition to training, your staff will need the time to provide the kind of assistance prospective patients are looking for. If the same staff member that handles new patient inquiries is the same one that sets appointments, answers patient questions and handle patients that come into your office, you are not doing that staff member or the patients that visit your practice justice. Give patient inquiries the time and attention they deserve.

Incentive Programs

Motivation can become a challenge when it comes to patient conversion rates. Staff incentives can go a long way in maintaining your office momentum in this area. Consider setting a goal for your office for patient conversions each month and offer rewards for making those goals. In addition to allowing staff a chance to supplement their income with incentive bonuses, you convey once again just how important patient conversion is for your practice.

Effective Software for Patient Follow-Up

Another essential part of patient conversion is effective follow-up. Avoid letting any of those prospective patients fall through the cracks with software designed to ensure none of those leads are ever lost. PatientNOW offers PAR – Patient Acquisition and Retention software – for just this purpose. In addition to following up on patient leads, this software will help you retain the patients you acquire by bringing them in for future treatments.

Automating patient follow-up is a crucial step in getting those patients that call your office through your doors. It reminds patients when they are due for additional treatments and provides incentives via specials and advantage programs that encourage patients to try new procedures. In addition to retaining your current patients, you will likely grow your practice through word-of- mouth recommendations from those patients that feel well cared for by your practice.

Automation is the key to a successful, thriving practice today. To learn more about our software options specifically designed for plastic surgery practices, contact PatientNOW at 888-644-2987.