Transitioning Your Patients to PatientNOW

Perhaps you have already been sold on the benefits of implementing PatientNOW software into your own plastic surgery practice. Now, the challenge will be to turn your patients on to the new system as well. Transitioning patients to your automated processes may seem like a daunting task, but we have a few tips to make that effort just a little easier and more enjoyable for you, your staff and your patients.

Bring Your Staff Up to Speed

Before you can sell your patients on the positive features of your new PatientNOW system, you need to get your staff on board with the new process. Provide proper training for your staff to ensure they are comfortable with the various features of the software. Fortunately, PatientNOW is instinctive and user-friendly, so your administrative staff should catch onto the system fairly quickly.

Educate Your Patients

Once your staff is comfortable with the system, you can begin educating your patients. You can introduce the PatientNOW software with a display in your waiting area or provide one-on-one training when your patients come in for their appointment. Email blasts are another good way to alert your patients to the new software and the many benefits it will offer to them as well as the efficiency of your practice overall.

Tout the Benefits

What are the benefits of switching to EMR? The advantages are numerous, including those that directly affect your patients. Make sure your patients are aware of what your new PatientNOW software can do for them, including:

• Offers them instant access to their medical records from any device

• Ability to communicate with you or a member of your staff quickly and easily

• Easy scheduling without having to wait on hold to make appointments by phone

• Automated reminders about appointments so they never miss a treatment

• Reminders of when touch-up procedures need to be scheduled

• Opportunity to save on treatments with rewards programs or gift cards

It is also important for your patients to understand that as your practice becomes more automated, they will have more face time with you and your staff members that are responsible for their care and perform their treatments. This means more time for questions and explanations before and after treatments and surgeries for a better outcome overall.

Reassure Patients Information is Secure

Patients often fear having their sensitive medical information in cyberspace, where it can seemingly be easily seen or even taken by unknown entities. Reassure your patients that the EMR is completely secure – even more so than the paper files they are accustomed to seeing. With plenty of security features integrated into the system, the only people that will be seeing your patient’s information is you and your patient. Back-up systems also ensure files will never be lost, even if your technology takes a hit due to an act of nature or other unexpected event.

Offer Incentives for Use

Often the hardest part of getting patients to transition to PatientNOW software is simply getting them to use the system enough that they become comfortable with it. Incentives can make a big difference in the early stages of your implementation, such as special pricing for patients that schedule online or rewards that are only available through your website. The more your patients use the PatientNOW system, the more they are sure to like it.

Going paperless is an effective way to maximize your office efficiency and your patient relations. By helping both your staff and patients transition smoothly to the change, you will be more likely to take advantage of every benefit your new system has to offer. To learn more, contact PatientNOW at 800-436-3150.