Tulsa Community College Launches EMR Program

A small community college in Tulsa has recognized the growing need for American workers who understand electronic medical records (EMR).


(Image courtesy of newson6.com Oklahoma)

As part of a special program, students at Tulsa Community College are learning to bridge the gap between information technology and medical records. As the government-subsidized switch to EMR moves forward, these students will be prepared and more employable in the healthcare industry.

Tuition in the program is also subsidized. “”If you succeed and pass everything, it’s basically free,” said Sandy Smith, Director of Health Information Technology at the college.

The idea of using EMR in a classroom setting is not a new concept, and actually pre-dates the current government effort to digitize medical records. Several years ago, a program at the University of Minnesota used a simulated EMR to assist the teaching of medical students. The students used the EMR system in a virtual visit: “by going to the clinic web page, signing in and viewing a simulation of a typical clinic electronic patient record system. This system details the patient’s demographic information, past medical history, family history, social history, and progress notes.”