Introducing Two-Way Texting to patientNOW

First EMR To Capture Incoming/Outgoing Texts Into Patient’s Charts

We’re pleased to announce the addition of two-way texting from patientNOW.

Per HIPAA expert and Medical Risk Institute CEO, Mike Sacopulos, patientNOW is the ONLY EMR/practice management/patient engagement vendor in the country to automatically capture the incoming and outgoing texts directly into the patient’s chart.

This eliminates the concern medical liability carriers have with texting. Patients must consent and both sides of the text conversation are saved into the patientNOW system with full audit trail.

Additionally, patients can text photos that go straight into their chart. The photos are very valuable for post-surgery review and reduce medical liability risk.

Fully HIPAA compliant

By removing a primary area of risk, patientNOW allows the practitioner to see the many benefits of using text to communicate with patients. While the practitioner must meet the HIPAA requirement to get a signed consent to communicate with the patient through texting, patientNOW has built in a unsubscribe functionality that covers a possible future change of heart by the patient.

For more information on patientNOW’s two-way texting, watch our personalized demo or give us a call to schedule a one-on-one demo.