Utilizing Online Scheduling

Online scheduling is becoming a popular option for plastic surgeons today for a variety of reasons. This automated feature, offered with your PatientNOW software package, provides numerous benefits for both you and your patients. When you effectively implement your online scheduling program, you will see increases to your office efficiency as well as your patient satisfaction. Check out these tips for making the most of your online scheduling software solution.

Accurate Scheduling

When properly implemented and used, online scheduling ensures your patients are correctly scheduled with the provider in your office they need to see, whether that is you, another surgeon on your office or another member of your medical staff. An online system takes the guesswork out of the scheduling process, minimizing errors for both your staff and your patients. Online solutions also ensure the schedule of each member of your staff moves as efficiently as possible, as patients are scheduled automatically for sufficient time based on their specific needs.

Ensuring Room Availability

Like the availability of your staff, you want to know the office rooms necessary for your patients’ appointments are also open for their needs. Online scheduling can also be used to preserve the availability of your examination and treatment rooms as they are needed for your patient flow each day. In addition, you can use your online scheduling software to track patients through the flow of your office, so you know where each patient is and how long they are there.

Reducing No-Shows

Online scheduling can also be used to remind patients automatically when their appointments are coming up. This automated reminder system greatly reduces patient no-shows when it is implemented, since you won’t hear patients telling you they “forgot” about their appointments. A reduction in no-shows increases your revenue flow while improving your office efficiency – a win-win for busy practices.

Rescheduling Cancellations

No-shows are not the only scheduling issue that can cost you money. Cancellations that are not filled can also decrease your revenue as well as your office flow. When cancellations do occur, you can use your online scheduling tool to fill the empty slots on your calendar. This allows patients that are waiting to see you a chance to get in earlier, a positive feature of your patient relations. In addition, automatically filling those cancellations keeps your office humming at top efficiency and your revenue stream going strong.

Printed Check-In Documents

Another step that can slow down the efficiency of your daily schedule is having patients fill out forms when they come in for their initial consultation. Instead of taking valuable office time for this step, your scheduling software provides the forms online so your patients can print and complete before they come to your office. This provides new patients the opportunity to ask questions prior to their first visit and gives you a chance to review their information before their consultation.

PatientNOW provides online scheduling as a part of their customizable EMR and Patient Engagement packages. This tool features color-coded appointments, wait list capabilities, automated reminders, and much more. Contact PatientNOW today at 800-436-3150 to find out how our products can help you make your practice more efficient and patient-friendly.

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