What is RxNow And How Can It Benefit Me?

“ … [RxNOW] was super easy to learn and my practice is ahead of the curve … “ — David L. Abramson, MD

The scenario is cliché. You write a prescription on a piece of paper and give it to your patient. If they don’t misplace it — it happens — they take it to their pharmacy which takes time out of their day, and they hand the slip to the clerk. If the clerk can read it, your patient leaves with a prescription; if they can’t, your office gets a call — tying up you or your practice staff — and your patient has to wait. It doesn’t have to be this way, and for many practices, it’s not this way anymore.

Automation eliminates error and risk, and probably few areas of your practice will benefit more from these benefits than your prescription workflow process. Today, PatientNOW offers RxNOW — a leading prescription automation workflow that seamlessly integrates into the PatientNOW EMR system that you already have, use and love and that already makes your practice efficient and profitable. Here’s how RxNOW works, why you and your patients will love it and what makes it the next investment you should make in your practice.

What RxNOW does

No more paper. With RxNOW, you can automate and streamline one of the most time-consuming and patient-critical components of your patient care, prescription writing, and also reduce costly and embarrassing errors.

RxNOW allows you to build a database of the medications you commonly prescribe quickly and the pharmacies your clients use most, making each new prescription faster and easier to write.

Our prescription workflow also gives you access to your patients’ entire medication history, with all the relevant details, and checks for drug interactions with each additional medication added.

Once RxNOW saves and validates your new prescription, it can electronically transmit the information directly to your client’s pharmacy of choice. Of course, if you still need a paper copy, you can get that, too.

How RxNOW Benefits You

It’s easy to see the many ways that a PatientNOW RxNOW workflow can benefit you and your practice because you already enjoy so many benefits from your current PatientNOW EMR. (If you don’t have a PatientNOW EMR yet, you’ll see the number to call below to get those benefits.) PatientNOW offers clients not just an EMR, but an EMR that understands the needs of your practice and how you work, and we make our software features customizable for maximum efficiency. The same is true of PatientNOW RxNOW. With RxNOW, you and your practice can:

  • Learn and use the software quickly
  • Streamlines your processes and save time
  • Eliminate inaccuracies in records
  • Avoid pulling the wrong patient file or prescription
  • Comply with all DEA requirements out-of-the-box
  • Receive drug interaction alerts in real-time
  • Serve your patients with quality and ease

RxNOW by PatientNOW allows you to save time and money which you can reinvest in patient care to bolster valuable return business, and it helps you avoid costly, even dangerous mistakes. Adding RxNOW to your existing EMR not only makes you a better doctor but also a more profitable one, too.

How RxNOW Benefits Patients

Your patients will love your PatientNOW RxNOW as much as you do. We’ll list only the most significant advantages here so you can see how much value our workflow offers. If you want return business and to remain your clients’ doctor of choice, you’ll need to enhance each one of your patient’s experience every day. You can do that with PatientNOW RxNOW. With RxNOW, your patients:

  • Won’t have paper to lose
  • Will save time (lots of it)
  • Won’t have their personal information compromised or stolen (this is a huge deal these days)
  • Won’t face prescription errors or adverse drug interactions (RxNOW checks automatically)
  • Will have their complete medication history whenever they need it

What benefits your patients, benefits you. Best yet, a PatientNOW RxNOW extends your edge because it improves patient care even after your patients have left your offices.

Manage the prescriptions you write and your entire practice better with PatientNOW!

The practice of medicine is all about the doctor-patient relationship, and a PatientNOW EMR, now including RxNOW, can be your single most effective tool in giving you the one resource you’ll need to improve your patient care — time. PatientNOW revolutionizes the practice of aesthetic medicine by making it as simple as possible for you to do what you do best — care for patients. As with all PatientNOW products, RxNOW benefits you, your patients and your bottom-line. What’s not to love about that?

For more information about PatientNOW’s new RxNOW workflow tools, call today at 888-644-2987. Our helpful team can tell you all about it, and how easily it can supplement your existing PatientNOW EMR.

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