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PatientNow is already the #1 software platform for the aesthetics industry. This new version is a quantum leap beyond our competitors by delivering efficiencies and opportunities throughout the platform

Log jams happen most at the front-desk–scheduling appointments, check-ins, billing checkouts–and with the staff that has the highest turnover and least amount of training time. Front-desk efficiency is the primary focus with streamlined interfaces, smart searching, and fast movement between records–all while reducing staff training needs to virtually zero. (Training and ongoing support are ALWAYS part of the PatientNow experience.)

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All the Right Stuff

Quickly login with your personal PIN on any device, your personal settings bring you to your Daily Snapshot landing page and you’re off and running–patients, appointments and billing are each a click away.

Patient Record
Set up new patients quickly with partial information guaranteeing accuracy with dupe checking as you type. Circle back to add information to a centralized record with bio, demographics, procedure history, appointments, billing and more in a single page, fast navigation setup. Jump to booking or billing where pre-filled information speeds the process.

Accessible from anywhere in the app, the scheduler is the pinnacle of usability. User customizable views show daily or weekly snapshots of appointments. Hovering reveals details and resources–people, equipment, rooms, product. Pre-filled information, resource conflict checker, weeks-out view, and appointment actions like edit, confirm, checkin, billing make the scheduler the command center for daily clinic operations. Filter the schedule using multiple resources, patients, appointment types, and more.

The dynamic shopping cart and searchable product/services catalog share the screen for single click efficiency. Prices, multiple discounts, taxes and totals dynamically update as you make changes in the cart. Save orders as quotes or invoices after their creation. Add procedures of interest and activate the PatientNow Pathways that provide additional information, followup, or whatever automated functions you define.

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Let’s get personal

Customizable views for each staff member

PatientNow works the way you want to work. The Daily Snapshot landing page and the scheduler are customized to each user and appear the same regardless of which device they are using. Each user can take action right from the Snapshot which shows each user the important tasks and appointments for that day.

The Schedule can be set to show just information relevant to each staff member. Practitioners show only their relevant appointments while front desk staff can see the entire day’s events. Multiple filters can be applied to quickly update personal calendar views.

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What a breeze

Easy, intuitive interfaces–everything just a click away.

No matter what device or platform you work on–Macintosh, PC, or iPad–you will experience the same fast, efficient work flow designed into the new PatientNow. No matter which device you access throughout your office, PatientNow remembers you and your preferences.

At every turn, our team of interface and industry professionals have incorporated timesaving features and enhancements. The Smart Search interface on all screens looks for partial entries, like entries and numbers while showing you matches as you type. The interconnected components let you slide elegantly from patients, to their appointments, to their billing record, to the new procedure quote you’re building.

PatientNow is the #1 EMR software in the aesthetics and plastics industries and now it is the easiest and most intuitive platform… period.

Patient Now
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You’re never alone

Every step of the way, our team has you covered

Our team helps your clinic and staff smoothly get up and running with PatientNow. From importing your data to building your customizations, from staff training to providing the easiest to use platform in the industry–we make transitioning and the day-to-day tasks easy.

Even though your staff is using the most powerful software in the aesthetics industry, the intuitive interfaces require almost no training. Related tasks are just a click away and more information bubbles appear throughout for quick tips and insights. When help is needed, our support team is always ready either online or on the phone.

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