Insurance Billing

Insurance Claim SubmissionInsurance Billing is a separate module in PatientNow, because many cosmetic surgery practices and medical spas do not have an insurance component.  Key features of the PatientNow Insurance Billing feature are listed below:

Online Eligibility

Online Eligibility is a fast and reliable validation of patient eligibility information that is retrieved within seconds of your query. Not only will you learn if a patient is eligible, but you also will see additional information such as primary care provider, co-pay, and deductible incformation.

Online Referrals and Authorizations

Online Referrals and Authorizations eliminate the need to spend hours on the phone with insurance companies in order to obtain referral and authorization responses. You can conduct referrals and pre-certifications quickly and effortlessly, as well as check on the status of your queries.

Real-Time Claim Status

Get instant and continuous claim status information on submitted claims directly from the payer’s adjudication system. You no longer have to wonder where a claim is within the payer’s adjudication process once it leaves your office.

Electronic Claim Tracking

No matter how you send claims to Ingenix, Electronic Claim Tracking (ECT) allows you to query or track each claim or group of claims submitted. ECT provides fast access to claim details and all tracking information generated after you submit your claims. ECT is a web-based query of your electronic and paper claims, allowing a quick search for any claim and prompt receipt by payers—greatly reducing research time.

Secondary Claim Processing

Secondary Claim Processing is available in conjunction with our Electronic Claims Tracking feature. Data from the primary claims is used to create the secondary claim. This allows you to file secondary claims electronically, reducing billing costs and speeding payment.

Paper Statements Option

HCFA Printed Claim SubmissionYou can print statements and mail them yourself or have ENS mail them for 58 cents each.  Give your patients the option to pay by credit card or check through the ENS website at only 2.87% cost to you.

Ingenix-ENS Clearinghouse

Electronically submit HIPAA-compliant claims via the Ingenix Claims Exchange to more than 1,600 insurance companies nationwide while gaining access to powerful automation tools that can transform your office into a state-of-the-art practice.

Live training provided by PatientNow and IngenixENS

Live help through PatientNow M-F 8:00 AM MST – 5:00 PM MST

Outsource Your Insurance Billing

  • Insurance Billing Service at
  • Configuration costs $1,500
  • Pay 5% – 6% of the Amount Collected. Insurance only
  • No Need to Employ a Biller
  • All claims are prepared, reviewed and submitted electronically to the insurance companies
  • Denials are Followed Up with Promptly to Ensure you Get Paid
  • PatientNow interfaces directly with the billing service, sending patient demographics, insurance information, referring provider and charges
  • Your practice is paid directly by the insurance companies
  • You then pay the billing service 5% – 6% of the revenue collected from insurance companies