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Yes. Our built-in AI tool helps you efficiently build and automate text and email campaigns and message sequences. Because AI tools are built directly into PatientNow, you can eliminate the guesswork of using tools like ChatGPT and the inefficiency of switching between platforms.

An electronic medical record is an electronic version of a paper chart that contains all of a patient’s medical history from a single practice. An EMR is used by doctors and other healthcare providers for treatment and diagnosis of patient issues. There are many benefits of using EMRs in a medical practice, including specialties like cosmetic surgery, dermatology, and med spas.

Today’s dermatologists succeed by keeping pace with the technological advances in their field. The smartest business solution, now popular nationwide is Dermatology EMR software, otherwise known as electronic medical record software. Many practices use it constantly to keep track of patients, records, and treatments.

The paperless electronic medical records software provided by PatientNow is designed to provide dramatic improvements to the workflow of a dermatology office and allow significant customization and flexibility to meet the unique needs of any dermatology practice.

PatientNow will reduce your expenses, streamline your dermatology office, better manage your patient’s records and allow you to make more efficient use of your time and resources. You’ll be able provide better service to your patients while reducing costs.

As technology becomes an increasingly important part of our lives, medicine continues to be a part of this innovative transition. Doctors and hospitals around the world are experiencing the benefits of moving away from paper-based systems. The advantages of electronic medical records far exceed any disadvantages that one can argue and as a result, medicine today is becoming safer and more efficient. Patients receive better care, practices are reimbursed quicker than ever before and are able to acquire and retain patients with greater success through the use of effective marketing tools.

PatientNow is an industry-leading cosmetic surgery EMR and practice management software program. Our robust system utilizes the latest advances in healthcare information technology and offers cosmetic surgeons a full array of time and money saving features. PatientNow offers ONC-ATCB certified EMR software that allows physicians to meet meaningful use requirements and receive up to $44,000 per physician in the practice.

Our cosmetic surgery EMR offers a complete, integrated solution to digitizing your medical practice, streamlining your workflow and maximizing staff productivity. PatientNow eliminates the need for multiple software systems and paper-based records and schedule books. Organize, standardize and consolidate all of your medical records and documents while streamlining task management across roles.

PatientNow is the ideal cosmetic surgery EMR software, offering practices specific features and templates designed to meet the unique needs of any cosmetic surgery office. Our single software program provides a comprehensive EMR with our practice management software, offering fully integrated marketing, customer contact and sophisticated patient tracking tools. This straightforward, unified system dramatically simplifies operational efficiency while generating more revenue for your practice.

Affordable and easy to implement, PatientNow is a flexible system providing a comprehensive, clinical solution. With proficient conversion services, PatientNow can import files form your existing practice management and EMR system. Our BarcodeNow program helps you to scan, convert and import all of your paper files into our electronic, HIPAA-compliant database.

PatientNow is an affordable yet robust cosmetic surgery EMR system that puts a number of high-tech, easy to use tools at your fingertips. It’s time to replace your outdated document management system. PatientNow provides an elegant and modern solution for managing documents, marketing, email communication, scheduling, inventory, point of sale, photos, quoting, custom gift cards and much more.

Take advantage of these powerful tools and improve your medical practice’s efficacy and quality of patient care. Fill out the form to the right to request your software demo today!

Electronic medical records companies are companies that offer Information Technology (IT) to doctor’s offices, hospitals, medical labs and other healthcare facilities. The programs offered by these companies perform a variety of functions such as data storage, billing, scheduling, financial analytical tools, electronic medical records management, practice management, and several others.

A successful electronic medical records company enables a facility to reduce their current file storage areas by utilizing advanced scanning techniques to upload a multitude of data into an end-user mechanism which that particular organization uses. After converting to electronic medical records, a facility is easily able to access medical records at a much quicker and more efficient pace.

Additional ways electronic medical records companies assist medical facilities include:

technicians and physicians are able to search and retrieve records in seconds
off-site back-up of all files
reduce off-site storage costs
save records to a network
reduce clutter in work areas
If you are seeking a better way to organize your data and your day, electronic medical records companies can give you a systematic, organized, and effective way to accomplish these tasks.

PatientNow, a fully-integrated document management system, is the best ROI for your IT dollars because an EMR for Cosmetic Surgery can actually save money by increasing the efficiency and limiting errors and the personnel costs for non-patient billable hours.

With the increase in government regulations for record keeping, profits seem to seep through the cracks into the great beyond. In paper-based patient files, every lab report, diagnostic, prescription, doctor’s order, or patient message that your staff has to physically file correlates to an increased possibility of being misfiled, creating ever greater liability for your practice. Errors may create disgruntled or even disfigured patients, raise malpractice insurance rates, and add to the stress of owning your own practice.

PatientNow’s value to the practice is also increased through up selling. Marketing campaigns for products and procedures are managed through PatientNow. Campaigns can be automated and managed based on time after and appointment or the completion of a procedure. This helps to make sure that your patients come back when due for re-treatment instead of waiting for the patient to contact you. Patient Retention and Acquisition automatically generates procedure follow up reminders based on the last appointment. PatientNow patient management software also provides award points based on purchases and patient referrals. Award points can be turned into gift cards. The practice can increase patient loyalty and revenue by using these features built into PatientNow. Patient Management Software can aid a practice to attract one more patient per week. Every practice is different but as an example, one new Botox patient per week that comes in for four treatments per year would generate 1,000 per patient or 52,000 per year for the practice. This patient management software doesn’t include the client upsell opportunities that an automated marketing system can create. Everyday new prospective patients call but don’t schedule. When there is no one to follow up on calls leads are lost. PatientNow has a solution for this: Patient management software ! This treatment course is an automated follow up system that triggers action based on the patient’s procedure and stage of treatment. For and inquiry, as soon as the prospective patient hangs up, an informational email can be sent to inform the patient regarding their procedure of interest and details about the practice and/or provider. The email is sent automatically from our patient management software and additional follow up can be configured based on preferences.

With the ever-growing expectations of the information age, the latest and most efficient practice management systems are online, fully-digitized and interactive. Among the many innovations made possible by PatientNow‘s exclusive practice management tools, the unique MyPatientNow patient portal allows patients to conveniently enter their own medical history and information, saving the time normally spent filling out tedious paperwork in the waiting room before their first visit. The patient-input option also helps to reduce inaccuracy and saves time for office staff as well. For those patients opting to stick with the traditional hard-copy method of completing paperwork, the patient portal forms can also be easily printed from any Mac or PC device.

To ensure complete privacy, patients create a login and password to their own private portal on MyPatientNow. All access functions are guaranteed secure and are also in accordance with strict HIPAA privacy regulations. For their convenience, wherever patients choose to access MyPatientNow—from their PC, Mac, iPad or other mobile device—they can take comfort in knowing their information is safe and protected on the Web.

Once a patient’s basic information has been entered on MyPatientNow, they have the ability to return to their account via 24/7 access to view their records and edit their stats. The dashboard features user-friendly navigation to patient information, personal medical history, and more. This design also allows medical staff to quickly and conveniently reference patient allergies and medications and insurance information, as well as signed releases and other consent forms with signatures still outstanding.

We want you to benefit from every feature of PatientNow. That’s why we include remote training sessions in the software purchase price, to have your practice fully EMR-capable in a very short time.

You can learn to use the software on your terms, based on your schedule. Just decide when you would like to go live with PatientNow and plan the training accordingly.

You will be assigned a dedicated trainer to assist you in configuration and staff instruction. For a plastic surgery practice, training can be completed in 24-32 hours, depending on whether the insurance billing module is included. For a medical spa, training is typically completed in as little as 16 hours.