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Treatment Visualization is
Key to Conversion

Effortlessly capture standardized and consistent patient photos among staff members using on-screen positioning templates.

Help prospects envision their own positive results with an impressive gallery of before-and-after photos. Side-by-side, ghosting, morphing and slider tools let you create images that show off your skills and increase conversions.

One-touch push to social helps providers engage their social audience more frequently.

PatientNow protects patient privacy and clinic compliance.

The Sky’s the Limit

Store an endless amount of patient images. The auto counter dynamically indicates the number of images stored.

Photos Taken

Capture Standardized and Consistent Patient Photos

PatientNow boasts the most effective photo-taking features of any aesthetics platform. These tools help you visually explain procedures, manage patient expectations and upsell services. Photography tools include:

  • Positioning templates
  • Ghosting
  • Match lighting
  • Capture sequences
  • Background removal
  • Slider and animation tools

Take the Guesswork out of Clinical Photography

Get consistent before-and-after photos with tools that help every staffer take professional photos from anywhere in the clinic. Show off your results and improve your photography skills with features including:

  • On-screen guides
  • Ghosting over previous pictures
  • Background removal
  • Slider view of before and after
  • Morphing

Security Is the Key

Create a genuine connection between your audience and your business.

HIPAA-compliant storage is at the core of photography uploads, storage and use. Images are stored on a secure server as part of the client record — never on devices that take the photos.

Security features include:

  • All images are encrypted during transfer and storage
  • Fully HIPAA-compliant storage and auditing capabilities
  • Consent forms and approvals for reuse

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