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Our Commitment to Success in the Aesthetic’s Industry

Comprehensive practice management solutions for the elective medical industry are essential for improving efficiency, and the client-centric culture of the PatientNow team is well-poised to continue delivering solutions that allow our customers to spend more time where they want to, with their patients. With our expanding line of products, we demonstrate our commitment to delivering purpose-built technology to medical aesthetics and wellness service providers in our ever evolving market. PatientNow continues to see Med Spa business growth, in addition to expansion in the areas of nutrition, weight loss and hormone replacement. PatientNow’s goal is to be the elective medical industry’s most trusted and intuitive practice management solution— fueled by innovation, integration, and strategic partnerships, delivered by a team with unrivaled grit.

Empowering practices and businesses to improve health and wellness worldwide by helping their clients look and feel their best.
PatientNow is elevating businesses focused on beauty, wellness and medical aesthetics with innovative, all-in-one software and consulting service solutions. People who partner with us stand out in the industry with strong market differentiation, while streamlining operations for long term success and sustainable growth.

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Our Customers

I have been [a customer] for over 7 years. In that time, my business has experienced a huge increase in overall efficiency, streamlined operations, and my practice revenue has more than doubled since.
Stanley Okoro, MD, FACS | GeorgiaPlastic.com
Thank you, with your help we are able to retain 75-80% of the inquiries we receive, as compared to before when we were losing 45% of the patients who called or emailed for appointments.
Laura Sudarsky
It’s never easy to change an existing marketing effort in the ‘hopes’ of doing even better, but that’s what we did last Fall and we have been very pleased with the improvements made.
Kristy Murrow, PA-C
After implementing PatientNow and their “recall feature”, we saw an increase in returning patients. After just 190 days, we are seeing 70% return for another treatment! This has made a significant impact on our business.
Dan Deneui, CEO | Evexias Holdings
One of the best capabilities is the tool to compare before and after pictures in order to see progress and results.
Lauren Martin, Miami FL
Everyone that we have worked with has provided excellent customer service with great communication to ensure we’re on the same page and happy with the direction we are taking.
Becky Larson
[PatientNow] paid for itself within the first 6 months in reduced transcription and clerical costs alone!
William Beeson, M.D. | Beeson Cosmetic Surgery
With RxPhoto, managing patient photos is no longer a time consuming chore. There is no need to upload and label photos, the software does it for my staff automatically.
Dr. Omar Fouda Neel, Montreal QB
I cannot say enough good things about [PatientNow]. I am opening a new med spa in a couple of weeks, and have been working with them for the past several months. I am already seeing results from their efforts–meaning my phone is already starting to ring.
Christina Imes
I like knowing our photos are secured from a state and federal standpoint. Without RxPhoto, it becomes a DIY process that becomes terribly time consuming.
Jeff Birchall, Carlsbad CA