Patient Scheduling Software

PatientNOW’s comprehensive patient scheduling software solutions enhance the front office workflow with easy to use features such as:

Pre-defined appointment types, which allow you to:

      • Schedule patients with the right providers and staff
      • Reserve rooms and equipment as needed
      • Be aware of cancellations and available appointment slots
      • Avoid scheduling inconsistencies by assigning default time spans for appointment types

Workflow steps are triggered by appointment types with PAR – Patient Acquisition and Retention™. Access your schedule from anywhere including your iPhone. Also, the color-coding in the patient scheduling software of all schedules and appointments allows you to quickly understand the daily schedule. Specifically, you can change the way you view the schedule, with variable time increments.

Patients for Today feature shows cancellations, prints check-in documents, allows patients to sign documents electronically, tracks the patients’ movements through the office, and displays and tracks collection of co-payments. More specifically:

      • Printed Check-In Documents – Professionally designed templates that will with your logo, can have the patient’s data already filled in the form, ready for the patient’s review at check-in. Barcoding is added to each document. So after the patient signs the form, it’s scanned and automatically indexed into the patient’s electronic chart, eliminating misfiling of important documents.
      • Electronic Patient Sign-in – Better yet, by using a signature pad, like a credit card electronic pad, or tablet PC, patients can review and sign their forms electronically, no need to print, sign, and then scan them back into the electronic chart. Patient scheduling software increases efficiency in the front office.
      • Appointment Flow Display – Patients check in, move through the clinical process, to the lab, or back to any room; and the Appoint Flow display monitors movements of each and every patient, tacking and allowing the office staff to know where each patient is and for how long the patient has been there. By optimizing staff time, you’ll keep your patients happy, and the staff more productive.
      • Automated Appointment Reminders – Patients can opt to receive email and or text message appointment reminders. With no staff involvement there’s no time commitment, set an auto-message for each appointment type and a specific time or days before an appointment for the reminder to be sent, and it’s done for you.

Additionally, the PatientNOW’s patient scheduling software PAR Program will manage tasks related to clinical workflow – from the referral all the way through treatment.

        • Automatically print documents such as referral thank-you letters
        • Assigns clinical tasks (i.e., biopsy follow-ups) to the right staff members
        • Prompts documentation of tasks to protect against liability