Meet our Executive Team



As a dynamic and accomplished executive leader, Bethany Little brings a wealth of expertise to PatientNow. Bethany’s leadership style centers around transformational growth and organizational transparency, believing that open communication and clear visibility empower teams to perform their best. She promotes a culture of trust, where every employee is encouraged to bring their unique experiences and perspectives into the forefront, leading to enhanced employee engagement and productivity. Through various initiatives, such as mentorship programs, skill development opportunities, and employee well-being initiatives, she nurtures a company culture that fosters personal and professional growth.

With a proven track record of go-to-market experience under her belt, Little possesses the acumen and dedicated vision necessary to drive growth within multifaceted, transformative industries. Bethany has seen success in building customer centric organizations by leveraging data-driven insights, market research, and customer feedback to provide maximum customer value while fueling innovation. 

Bethany brings over 20+ years of experience in scaling B2B SaaS organizations to PatientNow’s evolving patient care industry.  Little has spent her entire career leading innovation teams in various verticals serving nonprofit, education, restaurant and hospitality markets. Supporting the smart and dynamic PatientNow team, PatientNow will continue to be the leading provider of business and practice management technology allowing owners to differentiate, grow and streamline their operations, while freeing up time for the patients and customers they serve.

Bethany calls Austin, Texas her home, where she resides with her husband and two daughters. Beyond the office, Bethany finds joy in running and cycling (find her on Peloton under her handle LittleBet). Her dedication to philanthropy shines through her involvement in local volunteer efforts stemming from her upbringing and military background. If you see any keyboard smashes in her correspondence, do not be alarmed as it’s likely her cat, Loki acting as an impromptu editor as he enjoys using the keyboard as a lounger.



As a seasoned professional in business and financial management, Ken Rogich has managed multiple companies through various phases of business development and growth. Ken possesses the expertise and vision to identify strategic opportunities within a business as well as in potential add-on and acquisitions. Ken’s knowledge of market dynamics, combined with his analytical skills, enable him to identify business strategies that are critical to achieving a company’s success goals.

Through both organic growth and complementary merger and acquisition strategies, Rogich seeks to grow PatientNow’s cutting-edge technology suite across the medical, health and wellness and salon verticals. Ken strives to inspire a culture of collaboration and exceptional performance and looks to mentor and grow teammates in the organization. Through his career of over 25 years in executive financial management, Ken’s ability to align diverse talents around a common objective has been instrumental in remaining agile and adaptable in rapidly evolving industries.

Rogich graduated from William & Mary with a Bachelors in Accounting and began his career as a CPA with KPMG. With a passion for philanthropy, Ken sits on the Board of Directors for Heart Math Tutoring, a non-profit organization focused on building a strong foundation in mathematics for students of Title 1 schools in North Carolina. Ken admires the entrepreneurial spirit of the founding organizations that came together to form PatientNow and recognizes the profound impact that a nimble, collaborative perspective brings to the corporate environment.

Hailing from Washington D.C, Ken currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife. Ken finds his zen through the practice of yoga. Outside of work and visits to see his kids, Ken can be found in the mountains of North Carolina, hiking or mountain biking.



Josemaria Dolores is a strategic leader who sets the highest standards of accountability and talent utilization throughout the technological evolutionary process. Stemming from around 20 years of experience in the software development life cycle, Jose leverages his expertise to implement cross-functional management and foster a culture of empowered autonomy among team members. His corporate philosophy is rooted in the recognition of diverse perspectives from both staff and clients, driving his strategic approach to fortify and enhance PatientNow’s product lineup.

Anticipating the pain points of clients is a top priority for Dolores, as he tailors the development of PatientNow’s innovative software solutions to address their unique challenges. By seamlessly integrating technology initiatives with customer expectations and ambitions, Jose oversees the creation of highly impactful products that manufacture enduring customer loyalty. Guided by a core principle of empowering current clients to become enthusiastic advocates for PatientNow’s software solution, Jose establishes his agile work atmosphere that revolves around the tenets of customer centricity and adaptability.

As a summa cum laude graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology with his Masters in Computer Science, Dolores’ program specialization was in Interactive Intelligence. Throughout his career, Jose has held pivotal leadership positions at prominent technology companies, where he honed his skills in data science workflows, system integration, and product engineering management. Committed to philanthropy and nurturing talent, Jose actively mentors engineering students at his undergraduate alma mater, Villanova University.  

Jose is a dedicated executive, residing in Mansfield, Massachusetts, along with his loving wife and three children. Outside of his professional endeavors, Jose takes great pride in coaching his children’s soccer and baseball teams, instilling the same values of discipline and teamwork he exemplifies in the workplace.



Andrea Rowan is a bold and results-driven professional with a proven history of developing targeted strategies that maximize brand awareness, customer acquisition and revenue growth. Andrea’s outcome-oriented approach is a driving force behind her calculated marketing initiatives. Andrea fulfills business objectives by clearly defining key performance indicators to monitor and track success and staying attentive to customer demands and emerging industry trends.

A hallmark of Rowan’s career has been her exceptional talent for implementing streamlined business processes that enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness. She leads her team with an expertise in leveraging automation and digital platforms to reliably deliver successful campaigns and enhanced customer experiences. From a consistent commitment to crafting compelling marketing campaigns and orchestrating flawless product launches, Andrea excels in driving demand and generating impactful sales results. 

In addition to her Doctoral Studies within Leadership and Learning in Organizations from Vanderbilt University, Rowan has a Masters of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership from the University of Denver. Having thrived in startup environments throughout her career, Andrea understands the unique challenges and opportunities that come with scaling businesses and creating disruptive market innovations. Alongside fostering a cohesive and diverse team, Andrea embraces change and leads with a dedication to identify and merge the right opportunities that align the team’s strengths, product offerings, and market dynamics.

Settled in Denver, Colorado with her husband, Andrea finds solace in the outdoors, whether that be on horseback or by the riverside. A proud mother, she actively supports her two daughters in their competitive ice hockey careers. Fueled by her adventurous spirit, Andrea eagerly checks off items on her bucket list, sure to target any notable local delights when exploring new destinations.