Executive Team

Bethany Little

Chief Executive Officer

As a dynamic and accomplished executive leader, Bethany Little brings a wealth of expertise to PatientNow. Bethany’s leadership style centers around transformational growth and organizational transparency, believing that open communication and clear visibility empower teams to perform their best. She promotes a culture of trust, where every employee is encouraged to bring their unique experiences and perspectives into the forefront, leading to enhanced employee engagement and productivity. Through various initiatives, such as mentorship programs, skill development opportunities, and employee well-being initiatives, she nurtures a company culture that fosters personal and professional growth.

With a proven track record of go-to-market experience under her belt, Little possesses the acumen and dedicated vision necessary to drive growth within multifaceted, transformative industries. Bethany has seen success in building customer centric organizations by leveraging data-driven insights, market research, and customer feedback to provide maximum customer value while fueling innovation.

Bethany brings over 20+ years of experience in scaling B2B SaaS organizations to PatientNow’s evolving patient care industry. Little has spent her entire career leading innovation teams in various verticals serving nonprofit, education, restaurant and hospitality markets. Supporting the smart and dynamic PatientNow team, PatientNow will continue to be the leading provider of business and practice management technology allowing owners to differentiate, grow and streamline their operations, while freeing up time for the patients and customers they serve.Bethany calls Austin, Texas her home, where she resides with her husband and two daughters. Beyond the office, Bethany finds joy in running and cycling (find her on Peloton under her handle LittleBet). Her dedication to philanthropy shines through her involvement in local volunteer efforts stemming from her upbringing and military background. If you see any keyboard smashes in her correspondence, do not be alarmed as it’s likely her cat, Loki acting as an impromptu editor as he enjoys using the keyboard as a lounger.

Rachel Montgomery

Chief Customer Officer

Rachel Montgomery is an accomplished professional with more than 17 years of comprehensive experience in software, covering a wide range of responsibilities, including sales, support and services. Rachel is dedicated to crafting an integrated experience for all customers, adapting to meet customers where they are and when they need support. Rachel possesses a keen understanding of the significance of actively seeking customer feedback and empowering staff to leverage their strengths, ultimately optimizing overall performance.

Montgomery firmly believes that company culture derives from the sum of its parts, where each employee’s contribution matters. A pivotal philosophy for customer care, Rachel passionately strives to turn every technical support call into an enthusiastic user of their software. On a mission to utilize tools and technology to expand and scale PatientNow’s support organization and processes, Rachel intends to ensure the alignment of sales expectations and customer reality.

In addition to her Bachelors degree from the University of Texas, Montgomery has diligently expanded her knowledge in the technology and operations sector, acquiring multiple certifications from Six Sigma, Lean and Itil Foundations.Through her multifaceted career, Rachel has engaged extensively with various industries. With this diverse background, Rachel understands the intricacies of the customer journey and focuses her team to empower the client with their software solutions.

Currently residing in Austin with her husband and two daughters, Rachel is deeply devoted to volunteerism and actively supports Generation Serve. Rachel’s passion extends beyond her professional and philanthropic endeavors – in the event of an office talent show, she would showcase her hairstyling abilities.

Brandy Keller

Chief Product Officer

Brandy Keller is a seasoned product leader with a demonstrated history of managing multiple product portfolios through various phases of growth. Brandy’s user-centric approach and steadfast drive for innovation is at the heart of her leadership style. She promotes a culture of continuous improvement and discovery, ensuring customer feedback is integrated into all strategic product plans.

With over 15 years in the SaaS technology space, Keller has a robust background bringing solutions to market. Given her diverse background in the nonprofit, education, and free/low-cost healthcare industries, she has a passion for purpose-driven systems that deliver strong ROI, help customers differentiate, and enable them to overachieve on business outcomes. Spearheading the expansion of PatientNow’s portfolio, Brandy strives to continue evolution of our solutions, delivering end-to-end business and practice management capabilities through a best-in-class user experience. Brandy cultivates her department’s vision around leveraging best practices for product management, design and user experience to ensure new developments delight users and provide real-world value every day.

Keller graduated from University of Maryland Baltimore County with a Bachelor’s degree in English Communication and Technology, and soon after completed a graduate program at New York University in Digital, Book and Magazine Publishing. Her previous editorial experience strengthened her ability to manage complex projects and lead cross-functional teams while delivering value in a rapid, deadline-driven environment. Brandy strives to grow the company’s footprint through delivery of modern solutions that eliminate friction and allow business owners to improve daily operations.

After 15 years in Austin, Brandy and her husband relocated to Baltimore where they reside with their dog, Murray and cat, Duck. Brandy is a lifelong volunteer for both animal welfare and child welfare initiatives. When she’s not volunteering or out with her husband discovering local music, you can find planning her next international adventure.

Jeff Jaussi

General Manager of Payments

Jeff Jaussi is a visionary leader in the realm of payments and software product management, with an extensive history spanning over a decade. Jeff’s tenure in payments includes working in the fintech space with payment facilitators, wholesale/retail ISOs, and money transmitters.

Jaussi brings his unparalleled motivation to lead initiatives that encompass the entire spectrum of payments solutions and ensure clients benefit from a frictionless payment system. As a team leader, Jeff places immense value on investing in his employees and upholding the core values of the organization. Jeff also strives to foster a culture that is open, honest and transparent among his team.

Jaussi attended the University of Utah for his undergraduate education and continued his academic career at the University of Texas in Dallas, where he received his Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and Accounting. His previous transformative experiences paved the way for Jeff to assume pivotal roles with startups, global banks, and his most recent achievement – solutioning a go-to-market strategy for an omnichannel payments product from the ground up. Jeff’s steadfast dedication to the payments landscape, coupled with his knack for innovation, aligns seamlessly with the fintech and ecommerce trends that drive the industry.

Jeff resides in Dallas with his wife and their two daughters. In his spare time, Jeff can be found supporting his daughters at a local volleyball court or as they travel to various competitive club volleyball tournaments. Jeff has developed a part time hobby as a connoisseur of Texas BBQ alongside his passion for college football. When not at work or traveling, Jeff likes to make time to enjoy a round of golf or a day out on the boat with his family.

Ken Rogich

Chief Financial Officer

As a seasoned professional in business and financial management, Ken Rogich has managed multiple companies through various phases of business development and growth. Ken possesses the expertise and vision to identify strategic opportunities within a business as well as in potential add-on and acquisitions. Ken’s knowledge of market dynamics, combined with his analytical skills, enable him to identify business strategies that are critical to achieving a company’s success goals.

Through both organic growth and complementary merger and acquisition strategies, Rogich seeks to grow PatientNow’s cutting-edge technology suite across the medical, health and wellness and salon verticals. Ken strives to inspire a culture of collaboration and exceptional performance and looks to mentor and grow teammates in the organization. Through his career of over 25 years in executive financial management, Ken’s ability to align diverse talents around a common objective has been instrumental in remaining agile and adaptable in rapidly evolving industries.

Rogich graduated from William & Mary with a Bachelors in Accounting and began his career as a CPA with KPMG. With a passion for philanthropy, Ken sits on the Board of Directors for Heart Math Tutoring, a non-profit organization focused on building a strong foundation in mathematics for students of Title 1 schools in North Carolina. Ken admires the entrepreneurial spirit of the founding organizations that came together to form PatientNow and recognizes the profound impact that a nimble, collaborative perspective brings to the corporate environment.

Hailing from Washington D.C, Ken currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife. Ken finds his zen through the practice of yoga. Outside of work and visits to see his kids, Ken can be found in the mountains of North Carolina, hiking or mountain biking.

Prakash Bhandari

Chief Technology Officer

Prakash Bhandari is a strategic leader who is passionate about developing and building products that add value to our customers and offer accessibility to users of all levels of technical knowledge. Stemming from over 20 years of leadership experience across multiple industries, Prakash leverages his expertise to implement cross-functional management and foster a culture of empowered autonomy among team members. His corporate philosophy is rooted in the recognition of diverse perspectives from both staff and clients, driving his strategic approach to fortify and enhance PatientNow’s product lineup.

Anticipating the pain points of clients is a top priority for Bhandari, as he tailors the development of PatientNow’s innovative software solutions to address their unique challenges. By seamlessly integrating technology initiatives with customer expectations and ambitions, Prakash oversees the creation of highly impactful products that manufacture enduring customer loyalty. Guided by a core principle of empowering current clients to become enthusiastic advocates for PatientNow’s software solution, Prakash establishes his agile work atmosphere that revolves around the tenets of customer centricity and adaptability.

Bhandari studied at Brigham Young University for his undergraduate education. Throughout his career, Prakash has held pivotal leadership positions at prominent technology companies, where he honed his skills in product development building data applications, and making technology capabilities accessible for non-technical users.

Prakash is a dedicated executive, residing in the Denver Metropolitan area. Outside of his professional endeavors, Prakash finds enjoyment in the outdoors through running, hiking, and biking. Alongside being an avid reader, Prakash prioritizes spending time with his family and friends, in addition to the occasional golf game. Education is where Prakash’s philanthropic efforts are centered. Over the years, he has supported fundraising and contributions to organizations that work in this arena.

John Brauchie

Vice President of Sales

As an expert sales executive with over 15 years of invaluable experience in the field, John Brauchie has been a driving force behind PatientNow’s sales growth. John’s ability to adapt and excel in complex and dynamic sales environments enabled him to build scalable processes to strengthen lead and prospect strategies. He’s the architect of our robust sales and lead development engine, which has been instrumental in propelling our revenue exponentially.

Upon joining the team, Brauchie harnessed his extensive knowledge of growth hacking to develop successful outreach campaigns and follow up procedures that drive his sales staff towards higher closing rates. His leadership philosophy revolves around the concept of servant leadership, where he values accountability and determination. John is deliberate about the mentorship of his team and intentional about cultivating a nurturing workplace culture. His leadership, combined with a data driven approach, has not only driven exceptional results, but also motivates a high-performing team.

Brauchie received his undergraduate degree from Wabash College in Indiana. John spent a remarkable decade at a leading electronic medical records company, showing his unwavering commitment to growth and excellence. This experience not only solidified his understanding of the healthcare technology landscape but also allowed him to develop a deep appreciation for the intricacies of the sales cycle for its customers.

Outside of the professional realm, John spends time at the local parks in Tulsa, with his wife and two children. If John isn’t playing disc golf, he is likely playing pickleball. John’s competitive spirit, honed through years of playing baseball, now finds an outlet in his avid enthusiasm for college football.