PatientNow Unveils PatientNow Essentials

Web-Based Solution Meets the Unique Needs of the MedSpa and Wellness Market

[Denver, CO, January 11th, 2024] – PatientNow, a leading name in the medical aesthetics software industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest offering, PatientNow Essentials. This innovative product is designed to cater specifically to the unique needs of small to midsize medspas and wellness clinics, providing them with an all-encompassing solution that streamlines operations and enhances patient and client experiences.

PatientNow Essentials was soft launched mid-2023 as a simplified, web-based solution to better serve the growing demands of smaller practices in the medical aesthetics field.  With hundreds of customers already on the platform, PatientNow Essentials provides core features that have made PatientNow a trusted choice in the industry while introducing new capabilities to meet the nuanced requirements of small to midsize establishments.

Bethany Little, CEO of PatientNow, expressed her excitement about the launch, stating, “As we kick off 2024, we continue to see medspa business growth, in addition to expansion in the areas of nutrition, weight loss, and hormone replacement. PatientNow Essentials allows us to better serve small business owners who are seeing success in a dynamic industry where the right technology is key to amplifying their growth.  PatientNow is proud to provide a lightweight and intuitive solution that accelerates time to value and embodies many years of customer feedback in our new PatientNow Essentials solution.”

PatientNow Essentials Drives Business Growth Through: 

Quick Time to Value

PatientNow Essentials takes the burden off of you and your practice with a prescriptive approach to setup and training.  The all-in-one web-based solution can be up and running for your practice within weeks. Training is supported by an on-demand learning management system allowing self-serve access to  information when you and your staff need it.

Streamlined Practice Management and Payments

PatientNow Essentials’  user-friendly interface simplifies operations with intuitive scheduling that includes group bookings and online deposits, billing, inventory, and more, ensuring efficiency and time savings every day. 

With integrated payments, practices can easily manage deposits, invoices, recurring payments, and multiple robust memberships which drive revenue while offering clients flexible payment options based on their needs. 

Advanced Photography

Advanced photo management capabilities, powered by RxPhoto, revolutionize consultation and client engagement. Through enhanced before-and-after photos, visual charting, showcasing, social media integration, and more, aesthetics professionals have the ideal solution to capture, manage, and market the transformative results of their treatments and services seamlessly.

Weight Loss and Wellness Management

PatientNow Essentials’ intuitive features allow users to track multiple weight loss and wellness programs. Providers can analyze trends per patient and present visual graphs and before-and-after photos to prove success.

Marketing and Patient Engagement Made Easy

Automated email and text marketing campaigns help medspas and wellness clinics reach their target audience effectively, driving patient acquisition and retention. Powerful engagement tools, including a practice-branded app and automated appointment reminders and follow-up messages, deliver a modern experience to clients, fostering stronger, lasting relationships and improved retention.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Intuitive dashboards and reporting tools provide valuable insights into practice performance, enabling informed decision-making for sustainable growth.

With the launch of PatientNow Essentials, PatientNow aims to level the playing field by empowering medspas and wellness clinics with the technological expertise necessary to deliver exceptional patient care while staying ahead in the ever-evolving field of medical aesthetics.

For more information about PatientNow Essentials and its features, talk to our team now.

About PatientNow

PatientNow is a pioneering force in the medical aesthetics software industry, empowering practices with innovative solutions to optimize client and patient care, practice management, and business growth.

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