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Industry Standards

PatientNow Essentials is uniquely tailored to overcome common wellness industry challenges while seizing growth opportunities. Our platform supports health care professionals including life coaches, nutritionists and alternative medicine specialists.

Take a
Collaborative Approach

Use Multi-Disciplinary Profiles

PatientNow Essentials supports a variety of specialist profiles for holistic treatment care.

Enhance Team Cooperation

The platform facilitates seamless collaboration among different wellness professionals within your clinic.

Manage Referrals

Manage and track referrals within your network of wellness professionals.

Clinic Management

Improve bookings for both your team and your clients with an intuitive online scheduling tool that manages assets and resources.

Keep client records organized, accurate and easily accessible while ensuring privacy and security.

Centrally manage your billing and finances including insurance processing (as applicable).

More Clients

Use social media, reputation management and email campaigns to build an engaged community around your wellness clinic.

Built-in marketing tools enhance your clinic’s online presence and attract new clients.

Implement targeted retention campaigns to keep clients engaged and committed to their wellness goals.

Enhance Data Security and

Protect critical client data with robust backup and recovery solutions.

Stay up to date with the latest security features and compliance regulations.

Ensure the highest standards of patient data security and privacy compliance.

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