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Clinic Operations

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Revolutionize Your
Weight Loss Operations

Designed specifically for weight loss clinics, PatientNow brings you enhanced patient acquisition, streamlined patient engagement and the highest standard of electronic record accuracy and security.

Specialized features let you track the efficacy of weight loss programs over time. Assign a client to a program and view their results on their treatment screen.

Take Advantage of
Specialized Features

Monitor Weight

Precisely track patient weight changes with the Treatment Screen Weight Tab.

Use Customized Treatment Plans

Access a variety of medical options and treatment programs to cater to individual patient needs.

Track Progress

Monitor and evaluate patient progress through detailed reports and analytics.

Automate Your
Patient Engagement

Reduce no-shows with automated appointment reminders sent via SMS or email.

Solicit good reviews from clients and address negative feedback before it gets posted.

Automate emails and messages and leverage our built-in AI content creation features to keep patients informed and engaged.

Secure Your
Electronic Medical Records

Manage who has access to patient records to ensure data is only seen by authorized personnel.

Ensure the highest standard of privacy with our HIPAA-compliant EMR system.

Protect sensitive patient information with advanced encryption technologies.

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