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PatientNow is an essential tool that simplifies patient care and clinic management for IV therapy and infusion clinics. Tailored features like treatment tracking, safety checks, inventory management and comprehensive scheduling streamline your daily operations. With a focus on compliance and security, PatientNow enhances patient engagement and clinic efficiency to drive growth and superior care.

Revitalize Patient Care and Safety
Care and Safety

Personalize Treatment Records

Maintain detailed, individualized records for each patient, including their therapy history and specific treatment plans.

Instill Safety Checks and Alerts

Implement important safety features like allergy alerts and contraindication checks to ensure patient wellbeing during treatment.

Monitor Post-Therapy Progress

Automate follow-up processes to monitor patient progress and address post-treatment concerns.

Infuse Your Marketing
and Communications

Staff can use built-in AI content creation tools to efficiently craft email and SMS campaigns that resonate with clients.

Built-in marketing tools enhance your clinic’s online presence and help you attract new clients.

Implement targeted retention strategies to keep clients committed to their wellness goals.

Keep your clients engaged through their preferred channels with automated messages and campaigns.

Boost Efficient
Clinic Management

Our intuitive scheduling system is tailored for the specific needs of IV therapy and infusion appointments.

Keep track of essential supplies and medications to be sure you’re always stocked for patient needs.

Streamline your billing, payment and reporting processes to maximize IV therapy and infusion services.

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