Den Deneui

“At EVEXIAS® Medical Centers we perform over 750 treatments per month- but before implementing patientNOW- only around 40% returned for a second visit. After implementing patientNOW and their “recall” feature, we saw an increase in returning patients. After just 180 days, we are seeing 70% return for another treatment! This has made a significant impact on our business. We can’t wait until we are over 90%, and believe with patientNOW we will be!”

How Med Spas Can Retain Customers Like a Business, Not a Healthcare Provider 

A relationship built over time with customers who know they can rely on you for their wellness solutions is hard to break and keeps them coming back for more. 

S7 EP6 | Maximizing Patient Lifetime Value: Treatment Plans, Retail Skincare and Energy-Based Devices

In this episode, host Audrey Neff interviews Dr. Mark (Swers) Swierczewski, a dentist by trade and owner of Luminescence Medical Esthetics. Dr. Swers shares his journey from dentistry to medical…

Top 5 Benefits of a CRM System for Your Aesthetic Center

When you operate a medical spa, you understand that patient care and practice management go hand in hand. That’s why many aesthetic centers have come to rely on customer relationship…