Eric R. Ashby MD, FACS

“Wow! I love it when technology works to make my practice more efficient and profitable. By using the iPad with PatientNOW my patients see that I am on the cutting edge, using technology that benefits them and my practice.”

Building a Membership Program in Your Practice to Drive Retention & Loyalty

It can be up to 8x more expensive to acquire a new patient than it is to retain an existing one.  In this course, attendees will learn… Different types of…

S5 EP11 | What's on the Horizon in Regenerative Aesthetics?

  Chief Scientific Officer of Suneva Medical, Dr. Brian Pilcher, appears on this week's episode to delve into the evolution of neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and regenerative medicine in the aesthetics…

Looking to Promote Your HRT Services? How a Health & Wellness CRM Can Help 

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) patients are a discerning target audience who take their bodies and their hormones very seriously. They do their research, and if they find a problem with a clinic, they move on to find another one.