Maximizing Your Practice’s Clinical and Business Success in 2023 & beyond

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The 3 Types of Aging: Sinker, Sagger, Wrinkler

Learn from clinical expert and international Speaker, Kara Moncrief, on the different types of aging and how to harness this knowledge to better serve your patients, improve outcomes, and drive loyalty.

Presented by: Kara Moncrief, Director of Clinical Communications, Sinclair North America

Two Must-Haves to Improve Patient Conversion and Retention in 2023

According to a recent cosmetic consumer analysis survey conducted with Google, two of the most critical touchpoints in a consumer’s research journey are before and after photos and patient reviews. In this course, Audrey Neff will dive into high-impact, yet simplace strategies you can implement in your business to improve both your before & after photo process plus your practice’s online reputation.

Presented by: Audrey Neff, Director of Marketing, PatientNow & RxMarketing

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The Five Core Values of Millennial Patients & How to Cater to Their Unique Nuances

Director of Clinical Communications for Sinclair North America, Kara Moncrief brings expertise in multi-modality aesthetic treatment application and practical clinical development strategies.

Audrey Neff is the Director of Marketing for PatientNow & RxMarketing, which provide practice management & marketing solutions for over 3,000+ aesthetic practices worldwide. Audrey brings a decade of experience in sales & marketing — six years of which has been in medical aesthetics. She is a frequent industry speaker on practice management and is faculty for 17+ medical associations and conferences across the U.S.

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Virtual Practice Workshops: Insights From the Experts
Profitable Patient Relationships

Powerful online webinar training, engineered to provide medical professionals with the business and clinical education you need to survive and thrive in 2024 and beyond. Learn from top industry KOLs, including leading healthcare attorneys, practice management experts, finance specialists and successful practice owners just like you — who all share their knowledge, experiences and proven strategies to achieve maximum success in today’s competitive landscape.

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