Can a Med Spa CRM Help You Attract More Patients?

The answer is “yes,” of course. But the question is, “how?” Clients are a med spa’s lifeblood. While long-standing relationships provide a consistent revenue stream, every med spa must convert leads into prospects to survive long-term. 

A specialized CRM software helps attract new patients and retain your existing ones. It’s right in the name — customer relationship management. 

When a med spa (or any other business) builds a quality relationship with a lead, the chance of conversion increases, and so does the chance they return again and again, refer friends and family to your business, and drive revenue for the long term. 

A Unified Application Prevents Dual-System Problems 

When a med spa adopts a new CRM software, it must contend with the daunting task of manual data re-entry. Patient information already exists in existing med spa EMR solutions and must be re-entered into the new CRM application by hand. 

AestheticNow, which was designed from the ground up to manage med spa electronic medical records (EMRs) while attracting new clients and retaining existing ones, solves the problem. 

It combines all of the standards med spa clients have come to love with premium marketing tools to help attract new patients, retain existing ones and drive referrals. 

Cross-Platform Communication Storage Keeps the Conversation Going 

AestheticNow makes it easy to impress leads and existing patients alike by maintaining the entire story of their journey with you. They remember every detail of their interactions with your spa, and your teams should have the power to do the same. 

Providers communicate with patients through a single central platform, which stores all communications in a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud-based drive. 

These recorded communications include: 

  • Website interactions 
  • Text messages 
  • Email archives 
  • Social media interactions 
  • Phone calls
  • Telehealth appointments
  • In-person meetings 
  • Patient portal interactions 

This volume of information not only makes it easy to remain in control but also to review prior experiences to determine which styles of communication and offered services appeal most to a particular customer. You can formulate a tailored approach to make them feel welcome. 

Leads feel more valued given the wealth of knowledge this consolidation helps every member of your team bring to the table with every interaction. Patients expect high-quality professional service that makes them feel like an individual rather than a number; a long record makes this individual attention easy to provide. 

Automatic Scheduling Removes Busywork from First-Time Appointments 

Your med spa has one chance to make a first impression, and automated scheduling makes a great one. Speed and accuracy build patient trust with an efficient, high-tech approach that keeps them coming back for more. 

With a fast and painless process for appointment scheduling that integrates with individual provider schedules, med spas have the opportunity to flexibly link leads with the providers most likely to make them comfortable. 

If schedules don’t align, waitlist management makes it quick, easy, and efficient to see everyone who wants to be seen as your med spa grows. 

AestheticNow’s Pathways integration automates repetitive tasks to automatically send follow-up emails and appointment reminders to prospects, impressing them with a tailored approach that shows you care about their needs.

When you remove this tedious process from employee workflow, you ensure your team can spend less time on paperwork and focus on service. This approach encourages word-of-mouth marketing, as each member of the team transforms into the best employee they can be. 

Let’s transform your practice together!

Marketing Analytics Find the Right Path 

EMR solutions can’t help attract new customers; they only help track information and keep records regarding existing patients. But the powerful combination of traditional med spa EMR and the versatile all-in-one package that AestheticNow’s CRM tool provides certainly can. 

We make it easy to see which marketing messages prospects received and tailor future campaigns to the people most likely to use them. 

Built-in email and text marketing tools simplify the process of marketing design. In a single system, marketers can: 

  • Generate professional, high-quality emails with ease 
  • Send two-way announcement texts 
  • Maintain a segmented list of patient bases and interested parties 

This cross-platform approach makes it easy to provide information about events and specials to the most favorable prospects and patients — or release general information in bulk to reach an entire interested audience. 

Like every other service AestheticNow provides, these communications comply with HIPAA regulations to keep patients’ data safe. 

In addition, advanced reporting features show which prospects and patients actually open the sent messages, if they were forwarded to other prospects, which links generated the most clicks, who opted out of future marketing, and more. 

Reputation Management Rights Wrongs 

They say it takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. The internet makes this adage truer than ever. Bad reviews and negative word-of-mouth spread like wildfire, and it can take dozens of positive reviews to balance out a single bad one. 

AestheticNow automatically contacts patients just after they visit to exploit the narrow window of opportunity for review. 

Notice of negative reviews and an inbuilt approval process ensure honest feedback posted publicly and the opportunity to make things right for any dissatisfied patient. 

Careful reputation management and thorough correction of rare missteps help prospects see the best side of your business as they search for the right med spa to meet their needs. The greater your volume of positive reviews, the more likely you are to find quality leads without spending a dime on expanded marketing. 

Rewards Incentives Attract Skeptical Leads 

RxMarketing’s rewards program not only incentivizes prospects to try your spa over the competition but keeps them coming back for more. 

We provide customizable reward tiers and formats, from gifts cards to discounts. This feature makes it easy to tailor your rewards approach to the target audience you want to cultivate. 

When you can promise convenience with automated membership billing and easy payment options for repeat appointments, the combination of expertise, ease, and excellence convert leads to repeat patients at unprecedented rates. 

Ready to Take Your Med Spa to the Next Level?

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Can a Med Spa CRM Help You Attract More Patients?

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