Cash In with
Integrated Payments

Boost your bottom line with
revenue-driving payment features.

Manage Payments, Patients & Your Practice In One Place

Wish you could create invoices, process payments, manage inventory and drive revenue directly from your patient and practice management software? You can with PatientNow.

Our integrated payment module, RxPayments, is packed with innovative tools to generate estimates and invoices, keep track of inventory, increase sales and get paid all from the familiar PatientNow platform you use to manage your practice and patient records. And since RxPayments is already built into PatientNow, set up is simple.

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The Value of Integrated Payments Goes Beyond Transactions

Save Time

RxPayments streamlines invoicing, simplifies transactions, manages outstanding bills and tracks sales commissions. Since it’s already part of the unified, PatientNow platform, it also automates tasks, like storing estimates, invoices and transactions with the correct patient record. You can even send invoices and receipts to your patients via email and text.

Flexible Payment Options

Your patients will appreciate the convenience of multiple, in-office payment options, such as credit, debit and gift cards, swipe or chip cards, contactless NFC payments, card on file and text-to-pay. The system also lets you set up future and recurring transactions for patients who need to carry a balance.

Analyze Financial Data

Behind the scenes, all transactions, settlement activity and financial data is being tracked and can easily be analyzed on any device with scheduled and on-the-fly reports right from your PatientNow dashboard. Plus, with each transaction you can see a complete portrait of your patient’s relationship with your practice, such as how long they’ve been a patient, total spend, number of referrals, etc.

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Cash In With Smart Tools at Point-of-Sale

Earn More With Less Work

The Clover™ Mini Point-of-Sale (PoS) device streamlines your checkout process and puts revenue-building features – like gift cards, sales packages and rewards points – at your fingertips to make ringing up higher sales easy. And, the barcode scanner makes adding products and services to invoices effortless.

Count on Your Inventory Totals

This intuitive PoS system also accurately tracks your inventory items and updates your product count the moment an item is sold. This makes it easy to keep tabs on retail products and consumable items, so you know when it’s time to order more.

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Total Security & Compliance

Protection in Place

Enjoy total peace of mind knowing our payment processing system is PCI certified and compliant to keep your transactions secure. All your data is protected by best-in-class security protocols and meets all HIPAA requirements.


  • Swipe Magnetic Strip on Credit & Debit Cards
  • Accept EMV™ Chip Cards
  • Process Contactless NFC Payments
  • Accept Payments via Card on File
  • Secure Text-to-Pay
  • Pay-in-Room (Coming Soon)
  • PCI Compliant
  • Risk Management
  • Sync Invoices & Inventory
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Gift Cards
  • Sales Packages
  • Rewards Points
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Want to get paid FASTER with less work?