How to Streamline the Patient Payment Process with RxPayments

Taking payments is easier than ever with RxPayments. Since RxPayments is fully integrated with our PatientNow suite of practice management software, it’s a cinch to accomplish everything from invoicing and estimates to sales and inventory tracking.


The features RxPayments has built in will take your checkout and payments process to the next level. Features include:

  • Integrated, full-featured POS
  • Flexible payment options
  • Memberships
  • Automated payment plans
  • Return visit scheduling
  • Simple upsells
  • Inventory tracking
  • Streamlined checkout
  • PCI certification for security and compliance

RxPayments is just one part of PatientNow’s fully integrated software suite, and it’s yet another way your med spa can become more efficient, offer better customer service, and increase margins through the kind of optimized efficiency only 21st-century technologies can bring. 

Payment Options that Are Flexible 

The checkout process can get awkward if the process of taking payments gets interrupted by anything unexpected or out of order. 

Maybe a patient’s card gets declined, and they need to use a different one, or maybe they forgot to ask upfront for a payment arrangement, and you’re on the wrong screen for that option, so you have to start the payments process over again. 

RxPayments makes checkout easy with loads of flexible, up-to-date payment options.

Now you can offer multiple solutions, whether your patient is in-office or not. With RxPayments, you can process credit or debit cards (swipe the stripe or dip the chip), take contactless NFC payments, use text-to-pay, and even bill from a card that’s on file. 

If your patient needs payment arrangements, you can set it all up at the point of sale, enabling both recurring and one-time future payment options. When it’s this easy to take payments, everyone’s happy.

Financial Data Analysis

One of the most powerful features built into RxPayments for practice management is how the software tracks and analyzes everything behind the scenes. 

All financial data is logged and tracked, so you can see at a glance how long a patient has been with you, how much they’ve spent, or how many referrals they’ve brought in. Doesn’t that sound like a great data set to add to your key performance indicators? 

You can either drill down into one patient’s records or generate reports for multiple data points across your whole practice. And you can either generate these reports on a regular schedule or pull them up the moment you need them. 

Everything you require for accurate, insightful financial analysis is right there on your PatientNow dashboard with RxPayments.

Want to get paid faster with less work?

Integrated Membership Programs

If you’d like to build loyalty and increase each patient’s spend at your med spa, RxPayments can help you do that.

Membership programs incentivize loyalty and increase customer spending. They also increase your practice’s retention rate. A membership program helps customers feel like they’re part of your community. This feeling is called “buy-in,” and it generally increases loyalty. Your patients will feel both seen and heard.

In addition to building a sense of community in your clients, you can reward them. RxPayments features our Awards Points and Loyalty programs, rounding out our comprehensive collection of customer relationship management features. 

Since we find that returning patients spend from two to six times more than first-timers, cultivating loyalty is something you’ll want to prioritize. RxPayments makes it easy to do so.

Convenience for You and Your Patients

Memberships are obviously a great feature, as are automatic invoicing, financial data analysis, and the ability for your patients to pay with a text message. All these features are win-win.

Our card-on-file billing feature is completely secure, streamlining recurring invoicing. You can also take deposits, which isn’t something just any payment system allows. Since we’re purpose-built for elective procedures practices, it’s something we knew needed to be built-in. You can also apply a no-show fee for missed appointments. 

A Smart Point of Sale

It all integrates into bulletproof hardware: Clover POS. Clover has been an industry leader for years and fully integrates with RxPayments for security, flexibility, and many features. You can easily scan barcodes, sell gift cards, offer upsells, present product and service bundles, and tally rewards points. 

Our POS system tracks and updates your inventory in real-time. There is simply no easier way to keep tabs on when you need to order more consumables.

The whole POS system is totally future-proof, too, so no matter where the payments industry goes, you’re ready and flexible with online, chip, swipe, contactless, text, and other payment options. RxPayments makes it easy.

Secure and Compliant

PCI compliance is a big deal, and it’s mandatory if you want to do business with the company that’s processing the payments you take. 

The acronym “PCI” stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and it was established by companies such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. 

If you want these companies’ support when your business processes, stores, or transmits their cardholders’ data, your hardware and software must comply with their standards (it must be PCI compliant). Under the hood, there are 12 mandatory requirements and over 300 security checks. 

The good news is that RxPayments not only meets all PCI standards but is also HIPAA compliant. All of your patient data, from electronic medical records to payment histories, is completely secure.

Taking Payments has Never Been Easier

You could take payments the old way, where you have to deal with an obsolete card reader that has to work seamlessly with a computer program that fell out of compliance five years ago, or you could simply use RxPayments:

  • Swipe both credit and debit cards
  • EMV chip compatible
  • Contactless ready
  • Card-on-file ready
  • Text-to-pay ready
  • PCI compliant
  • Automatically syncs your invoices with your inventory
  • Barcode compatible
  • Allows you to sell and redeem gift cards
  • Enables memberships and rewards points

This program does it all. RxPayments simplifies your transactions by streamlining invoicing, managing outstanding bills, and even tracking sales commissions. 

Because it’s fully integrated with PatientNow, it can sync and save estimates, transactions, and invoices with each patient’s electronic medical record. With RxPayments, you can send patients invoices and receipts by email, text, or both.

Ready to see how RxPayments can take your practice to the next level?

The industry’s only complete solution to managing all aspects of elective medical practices, built specifically for today’s modern medical landscape.
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