RxMarketing, a Premier Digital Marketing Solution, Can Help Your Practice Stand Out

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Your online presence needs to be as effective as your offline marketing. Clients want to be able to easily find your practice, schedule an appointment, and get a meaningful follow-up. They also need to be able to connect with you on all the devices they use.

Customers who are searching for a medspa or a cosmetic or plastic surgery practice are looking for two things: great care and trust. Is your website serving you well? Are you getting the traffic that you should?

As a practice owner, you probably understand the need to bring in new clients, but it can be tough to find the time to get it all done. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it all on your own.

At PatientNow, we are marketing and digital design experts with powerful tools for medspas and surgical centers. Our innovative platform, RxMarketing, can help you accelerate growth, attract more clients, and make your practice stand out from the crowd.

Learn more about RxMarketing, below.

Create a Visually Stunning Website Without Lifting a Finger

It’s critical to optimize your messaging to connect with the people who are searching for your services — and to give each potential patient a great experience when they visit your website.

A website is a necessity for every practice today. When you deploy a well-crafted online presence, your website will attract new clients to your practice, help you build brand recognition, and generate reviews. 

You can use your website to showcase your services with stunning before and after photos. This approach can help potential clients to feel confident in your ability to provide incredible aesthetic results.

With the right website, you can provide current patients with news and updates about your practice to help them take advantage of the latest deals. You can even share patient testimonials, leveraging the relationships you’ve formed with satisfied patients.

Your website must be responsive so that it is easy to use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. A responsive design adapts itself to the size of the screen on the viewing device. Our team of experts will create a mobile-responsive website for your practice, customized to your mission and brand.

Optimize Your SEO Strategy for Maximum Reach

We leverage the latest technologies and techniques to drive your practice forward by engaging existing clients, prospecting new clients, and providing ongoing digital marketing solutions that help your business stand out.

Our experts use proven digital marketing solutions to boost our clients’ practices’ sites. This team of search professionals leverages their years of experience and the most sophisticated technology in their field to help you gain more visibility and attract more clients. 

For each client, we custom make a unique plan that best fits your requirements, budget, and goals, helping you get the most out of your SEO strategy. 

Ready to see how RxMarketing can take your practice to the next level?

Create Compelling Content

We are a leading content marketing company for websites related to medspa services and plastic surgery. Whether you want to position your practice as a leader in your industry or begin a content strategy that can rival your competitors, our team of medical writing experts and content marketers will work with you every step of the way. 

Our content writers are able to craft engaging articles that cover a wide variety of topics related to plastic surgery and medspa treatments. 

Reach Your Audience on Social Media

Have you ever thought about the best way to attract new clients? You know that you need more potential and existing clients to visit your practice, but how can you achieve this effectively? By harnessing the power of social media marketing, you can reach a wider audience and make your practice stand out from the crowd.

At RxMarketing, we’re firm believers in helping successful businesses make use of social media channels to effectively communicate with the right audience. Our affiliates are a testament to our belief in delivering results-oriented digital marketing solutions for aesthetic and elective medical providers of all sizes.

Using RxMarketing digital marketing solutions, you can stand out in a crowded marketplace. Your practice can create a social media presence that attracts new clients with a consistent, effective strategy that stands apart from the competition. 

Leverage Email Marketing 

Email marketing is important because email makes it easy to send targeted messages and keep up with your customers in ways that direct mail just can’t compete with. With an email list, you can maintain an ongoing line of communication with your clients that makes it easy for them to keep up with what is happening at your practice. 

Email marketing allows practices to send information about their services, events, and promotions to a targeted audience. With tools from RxMarketing, you can create email campaigns designed to promote your aesthetic medical practice and engage prospective patients.

Our email marketing tools allow you to create compelling campaigns that increase patient engagement and drive brand awareness. The professionals on our team can help you optimize your messaging and design original content that resonates with your ideal client profile.

Experience RxMarketing Firsthand

Your clients may have located you on Facebook or Instagram. Maybe they found you on Google. But have they truly seen you?

RxMarketing is focused on providing custom marketing solutions to your practice. We help medical practices harness the power of today’s digital marketing channels like search engine optimization, social media, branding, and website development. 

Our team wants to help you stand out from your competition by creating a digital marketing strategy that makes sense for your professional life and business.

We are proud to offer a variety of marketing solutions and a collection of services to help medical practices thrive online. Whether you’re just getting started with your online presence or need help taking your marketing game to the next level, RxMarketing can help.

We invite you to learn more about the digital marketing solutions we provide by chatting with our experts. Request a demo today, and experience our innovative approach to online marketing for your practice firsthand.

Get your marketing right the first time with RxMarketing.

The industry’s only complete solution to managing all aspects of elective medical practices, built specifically for today’s modern medical landscape.
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