Why Personalized Digital Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

Like it or not, we live in a digital age. The last few years saw online communication explode, and it won’t go away anytime soon. Businesses moved their digitization plans and online communication roadmaps by half a decade (if not more) to adapt. 

The pandemic drove more than the rise of digital communication. It forced people to reprioritize and tighten their belts. They take greater care with their money and consider their options with more care than they did before. 

To speak to current and emerging clients the way they want to be spoken to, your med spa needs to adopt digital marketing solutions to remain competitive and keep your return customers coming back. 

Younger Audiences Ignore Traditional Marketing 

Younger audiences are a massive — and still growing — market. Unfortunately for traditional marketers, Millennials and Gen Z tend to ignore typical advertisements. 

This “ad blindness” happens because they prefer a more genuine, personal touch in the physical and digital marketing that reaches them. A genuine, personal touch appeals to them far more than a perfect, curated message. 

Whether it’s interaction on social media or marketing through the influencers young audiences love, an increasing number of brands have shifted their budgets from traditional marketing to digital in hopes of courting these younger audiences. 

They have employed digital marketing solutions that connect with younger audiences’ online lives by way of a personal touch that anticipates their needs. Such efforts are most likely to bring your med spa success as you market to your return customers. 

By combining knowledge of the elective procedures certain customers have enjoyed before with an understanding of what they’re most likely to seek out based on the journeys of similar clients, you can limit the stream of marketing content to the most relevant information. 

This personal touch makes younger customers feel like they’re building a relationship with you — the kind of business relationship they crave. 

In the hyper-connected world in which they live, clients welcome any connection they can find, from any source. If you provide that connection, you build a relationship with your customer that can last for years to come. 

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Categorizing Customers with a Medical CRM

No med spa, even a small one with a small client base, can afford to take the time to tailor every single marketing message to every single individual client. It’s just not possible. 

Never manually review every client file for their age, past procedures, and probable future purchases every time you send marketing information. Instead, use a medical CRM like AestheticNow. 

AestheticNow lets you organize your clients into predetermined categories the very first time you enter their personal and contact information into your system. 

Then, when you begin a new marketing campaign to announce a promotion, discount, or new line of procedures to enhance client wellness, you can send information only to the categories most receptive to it.

This sounds like the opposite of personalization. When you consider client demographics and history as broad groups, it feels as though it strips the personal touch away. Instead, you consider the client whose wellness is your first priority as a number, a broad group that you can make assumptions about. 

But the truth is just the opposite. 

Digital Marketing Solutions Prioritize Relevancy and Build Relationships

When you send a client information they don’t care about, they disregard it. It’s easy to delete an email that doesn’t apply to them and doesn’t seem important. When the customer knows an email or text they receive from you won’t apply to them, they delete it before they even open it. 

Since you sent them information they have no interest in, they miss any information they might have an interest in once all is said and done. 

Customers love it when their needs are not only met, but also anticipated. If you predict what a client might want (based on the needs of other clients like them, which are already sorted into the same category) and send them information about it, tailored to them, they’re encouraged to buy. 

Even better, these recommendations are welcome and feel personal to clients. Instead of a broad spectrum of marketing information that they know you sent to all of your clients, they feel that you’re listening and that their needs have been heard. 

Customers of all ages welcome this kind of interaction and relationship-building, but this has the greatest impact on younger clients — the ones with some of the greatest purchasing power while simultaneously some of the most difficult to reach. 

So while the categorization process might seem dehumanizing at first glance, it instead trims the fat from your customer communications. 

Medical CRMs Streamline the Marketing Process

AestheticNow’s medical CRM combines the power and versatility of a digital communications and marketing hub that enables a personal touch with the speed and efficiency of a generic mailing list. 

With the majority of modern business and communications conducted online, even local clinics need to adapt to move quickly and keep up the pace. 

Fortunately, AestheticNow makes that acceleration easy. 

Because it stores all its client information in the same place, contact information and patient history only need to be entered once. No more switching between programs and platforms—or manual data entry for patient information once you select a category. 

Just make a few clicks and you’re good to go. Pre-made marketing materials, edited to include names, get sent to the clients who will appreciate them the most — and nobody else. 

AestheticNow Is the Right Choice for Digital Marketing

Any CRM worth your interest could do this. But AestheticNow is no generic business platform. Instead, it has health and wellness providers built into its very core and covers every one of a med spa’s customer relationship needs. 

From billing information to contact management to customer relationship management and digital marketing, AestheticNow does everything you may need and more. 

Compress your suite of software down to a single product as holistic as the care services you provide. Try our demo license today.

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