Industry Leader Chooses RxPhoto

Recognizing that 75% of consumers won’t consider booking a procedure without seeing before-and-after photos of actual results, Sono Bello, an aesthetics industry leader with 80+ locations, wanted an efficient method to improve photo-taking processes. 

Expectations focused on increasing image consistency; streamlining the photo-taking process; and creating a universal, easy-to-access image database. After investigating solutions, they chose RxPhoto from PatientNow and trained 48 of their clinics on the RxPhoto platform.

Sono Bello recognized RxPhoto as the trusted source to fully support every step of implementation. With functions as intuitive as using a mobile phone, clinic staff enthusiastically adopted the app. Learn how Sono Bello improved key performance indicators, including staff efficiency, patient satisfaction and overall photo quality.

Do you take before-and-after photos?

TOPICS: Photography

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