How EMR Software Can Elevate Patient Care

EMR Software Can Elevate Patient Care

Patient care thrives on relationships. So why is there a mountain of paperwork standing between you and your patients? An electronic medical record (EMR) solution can help you streamline your administrative setup, so you and your staff can devote as much time as possible to the unique needs of your patients.

At PatientNow, we believe that EMR software isn’t just a tool to help you and your staff. The right EMR solution can deliver a higher standard of patient care. Here’s how:

An EMR Can Help You Manage Customer Relationships

At the heart of PatientNow, you’ll find a set of customer relationship management (CRM) tools that help you with every aspect of the care journey for your patients.

Our powerful tools are designed to help with essential customer relationship tasks such as:

  • Requesting and managing referrals
  • Sending messages
  • Marketing to new and existing patients
  • Communicating important information about the procedures you offer
  • Collecting ratings and reviews

Patients will particularly appreciate these features since the software will make it easier to communicate with care providers as well as your office staff. Your patients will have an organized, centralized platform for all their messages, which means less guesswork about how to get in touch with you.

Plus, this solution provides you and your staff the ability to send follow-up messages to your patients. Medical service providers can send patients additional educational resources or discuss lab results. Patients can also use these features to send photos to providers for accurate, timely diagnosis.

Confirm Patient Appointments

Every medical practice understands the pain of a missed appointment. No-shows can cost you money, and they can also cost you the time it takes to reschedule.

The CRM tools built into an electronic medical record (EMR) solution like PatientNow can minimize no-shows. Advanced scheduling features send your patients automated reminders through a text message or email. Not only does this remind your patients of upcoming appointments, but it also allows them to electronically confirm their visit.

Your office staff can spend less time on the phone confirming appointments, and you’ll have fewer no-shows from patients who forgot about their upcoming procedures.

EMR Centralizes Your Patient Data

How do you currently store patient data? Some offices still rely on paper charts, inefficiently stored in massive filing cabinets where things are easily lost.

Even if you use some type of electronic filing system, it’s not unusual for patient data to be scattered across multiple software platforms. This siloing can make it harder for your staff to access the information they need when they need it.

An electronic medical record (EMR) solution can organize your patient records conveniently and securely. PatientNow can convert your patient’s entire chart into an electronic record, including such data as:

  • Medical records
  • Digital consent forms
  • Photos
  • Notes
  • Correspondence

An EMR system is perfect for fast-paced practices, allowing you to easily access patient data from one centralized location, which can provide a higher level of individualized care.

Encourage Repeat Visits

The right EMR software can turn first-time visitors into regular guests at your medical center. PatientNow, for example, offers a membership program devoted to promoting customer loyalty.

When your medical practice specializes in elective procedures, a loyalty program can be great for business. But it can also be great for patients. Recurring billing and keeping a card on file can streamline the checkout and payment process and will also encourage patients to return for follow-up procedures.

Want an inside look at the PatientNow EMR?

EMR Software Protects Patient Privacy

For medical facilities, patient privacy is a chief concern. PatientNow’s EMR solution is HIPAA-compliant and Meaningful Use Certified. This designation means that you can rely on the convenience of a cloud-based server without compromising patient confidentiality.

It’s also important to understand the scope of an EMR platform. While an electronic health record (EHR) system is designed to share information between multiple healthcare providers, an EMR system is designed to be used by only one provider.

This segmentation means that EMR software contains a comparatively limited amount of patient data. EMR software is designed for use in-house, which minimizes the risk of patient data being exposed to unauthorized users.

Convert to an EMR Platform Seamlessly

It’s not unusual for practices to already have an extensive backlog of medical forms, notes, and a host of other physical copies of patient records. PatientNow can help you seamlessly convert to an electronic platform.

BarcodeNow makes it easy to upload patient files into the PatientNow EMR platform. You can scan documents as each patient is scheduled, or you can do a one-time batch scan to convert all of your records into electronic files.

The advanced features of the PatientNow EMR software ensure that patient information is automatically distributed into the proper place within your patient records. Scanning ensures that records are uploaded quickly, securely, and accurately, eliminating the errors that creep in from manual data entry.

EMR Lets You Analyze and Adapt

Providing the best patient experience requires constant re-evaluation of how you manage your practice, but few medical providers have the time or the patience to mess with spreadsheets or to create their own reports.

That’s why PatientNow offers advanced analytics and other tools to help you evaluate important factors like:

  • Staff productivity
  • Patient behavior
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Revenue

PatientNow allows you to generate reports on a scheduled basis, though you can also generate reports on the fly. These features ensure that you’re on top of every aspect of your practice and can identify key trends to optimize your procedures for the future.

Having access to this data provides a better standard of patient care. With these tools, you’ll be better equipped to understand the patient journey and eliminate points of friction that detract from the client experience.

PatientNow has helped countless medical practices streamline their administrative processes and provide their clients with a higher level of care. To see these features in action, schedule a demo today. We’re confident that our advanced EMR platform can transform your practice and provide better care for each of your patients.

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

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