Crafting Custom Treatment Plans for Hormone Replacement Therapy? Here’s How an EMR Can Help!

Hormone therapy is an extremely useful medical treatment designed to help patients with a variety of conditions. With a wide array of applications, hormone therapy has exploded in the past few years, leading many healthcare facilities struggling to keep up with the demand for services. 

There are many reasons why a practice may decide to offer hormone therapy. For example, women often utilize estrogen therapy to reduce menopause symptoms or prevent early menopause, while men may utilize testosterone therapy to slow or stop prostate cancer growth.

At its core, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is designed to bring the body back to homeostasis after an instance of hormone imbalance or deficiency. 

For many patients, successful hormone therapy can make a life-changing difference in their quality of life. It can also affect the speed of their recovery from an illness.

If you manage a dedicated hormone therapy clinic or provide hormone therapy within the scope of a larger practice, you know that providing a customized treatment plan for patients undergoing hormone therapy is crucial to success.

But it can be difficult to track patient trends, send out reminders for follow-up appointments, and deal with the regulations associated with health records.

Luckily, the future of streamlined medical practice has arrived with EMR. 

What is EMR? 

Electronic medical records, or EMR, are essentially a collection of medical record organization tools that are stored on a secure, HIPAA-approved cloud-based server. 

Gone are the days of keeping several file cabinets worth of patient records, test results, signed release forms, and other important documents. 

With hormone therapy EMR solutions through PatientNow, clinics across the country are consolidating decades of protected health information into one central database for easy access.

EMR technology is cloud-based, Meaningful Use Certified, and HIPAA compliant, providing hormone therapy practitioners with the peace of mind they need to move forward with confidence into the future of data storage. 

Let’s explore the specific ways in which hormone therapy EMR can help your practice to expertly craft and deliver customized treatment plans for your hormone therapy patients. 

Organize Patient Information in One Centralized Location 

To create an optimal treatment plan for your hormone replacement therapy patients, it’s important to have easy access to all relevant patient information. This includes treatment records, current prescription information, signed release forms, and much more. 

Hormone therapy EMR allows practitioners to peruse all of the details about a patient’s medical history and current needs during visits. This lets providers accurately assess a patient’s hormone treatment requirements and quickly translate them into a meaningful plan of action. 

Create a More Personalized Patient Environment 

Healthcare practitioners can only create well-crafted treatment plans for their patients if their patients feel comfortable and safe enough to share all the necessary information. This includes any symptoms they are experiencing, their personal medical history, and what they would like to get out of treatment physically and emotionally.

One of the best ways to encourage a positive environment for your patients is to demonstrate a solid understanding of their needs. This is made simple with access to relevant information using hormone therapy EMR. 

When HRT clinicians enter into patient interactions with a good foundation of knowledge about their patient’s history and needs, it makes for a more conducive doctor-patient relationship. In turn, this allows physicians to create fully customized treatment plans. 

Track Clinic Productivity and Implement Feedback 

Though each hormone therapy treatment plan will look slightly different depending on patient needs and circumstances, your physicians see a certain level of continuity and distinct similarities between cases. 

Having an understanding of which kinds of treatment tend to work for certain patients can help your practitioners to craft more realistic and effective HRT treatment plans.

Hormone therapy EMR can do more than just track your clinic’s activities within a central location. With EMR technology, your patients can also provide detailed feedback regarding their care and the results of their treatment. This high-quality feedback can help you to improve your care and highlight trends of success within your practice.

Convert Leads with Ease 

One of the best benefits of hormone therapy EMR is an increased ability to convert leads into patients. 

PatientNow’s automated system is designed to follow up with potential prospects. With gentle “touches” in the form of emails or contacts, your leads will feel more connected to your practice and therefore be more likely to seek a consultation appointment or treatment in the future.

Increase Revenue for Your Practice 

Even if your medical practice’s digital marketing strategies are effective in inviting new clients to your office and encouraging patient retention, your current payment structures may not be well-equipped to handle a sudden influx of important information.

PatientNow’s hormone therapy EMR program, AestheticNow, includes the ability to accept several payment types. Our tool also supports automatic monthly billing, which is a desirable payment option for many medical patients — it can increase your likelihood of retention, too. 

By providing a high level of convenience to your patients and the ability to pay on their own schedule, you can attract new clients and encourage past patients to continue hormone therapy through your clinic. 

Experience Better Patient Outcomes with Hormone Therapy EMR 

Hormone replacement therapy is a highly effective option for men and women who are facing a variety of health concerns and illnesses. That’s why maintaining efficient and effective hormone therapy EMR practices is so crucial — and it’s never been easier than it is with PatientNow. 

With all of your staff and patient interactions completely streamlined and all of your practice’s most important confidential information stored in a single place, you’ll be amazed at how much more smoothly your practice will run.

Medical practices thrive when a high level of staff efficiency meets an exceptional patient experience. Do all this and much more with the help of AestheticNow, the top hormone therapy EMR on the market. 

Ready to change the scope of your hormone replacement therapy clinic for the better? Contact the team at PatientNow today to learn more.

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