Retail & Marketing Strategies to Implement Today to Maximize Success Tomorrow

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Lessons Learned During a Pandemic: Choosing The Best Strategic Partnerships

What you can and should expect from your skin care vendors now. 2020 showed us the impact our vendors can have on the ability of our business to stay afloat during unpredictable circumstances. Every business should re-evaluate their crisis plan with new strategies and protocols to put into place in 2021 to maximize success.

Presented by: Candace Noonan, LE, Director of Education & Master Trainer, DermaConcepts

Good to Great: Marketing that Makes a Difference

  1. Hottest trends in online marketing and social media
  2. What processes to implement in your practice to improve conversion and marketing return on investment
  3. Cultivating your team culture and unique selling proposition
  4. Improving retention and per-patient spend through recurring revenue models

Presented by: Audrey Neff, Director of Marketing, PatientNow, RxMarketing

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Candace Noonan is a Licensed Esthetician and Master Trainer for DermaConcepts, exclusive distributor of Environ Skin Care in the USA, and hosts advanced trainings on this pharmaceutical grade line. She holds certificates for internationally recognized programs including Advanced Skin Analysis, Dermal Needling and Oncology Esthetics, and is a proficient public speaker at medical and skin care conferences throughout the USA. Born in South Africa, and having personal experience battling Melasma, she feels her passion for skin care is her biggest asset.

Audrey Neff is the Director of Marketing for PatientNow & RxMarketing, which provide practice management & marketing solutions for over 3,000+ aesthetic practices worldwide. Audrey brings a decade of experience in sales & marketing — six years of which has been in medical aesthetics. She is a frequent industry speaker on practice management and is faculty for 17+ medical associations and conferences across the U.S.

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Virtual Practice Workshops: Insights From the Experts
Profitable Patient Relationships

Powerful online webinar training, engineered to provide medical professionals with the business and clinical education you need to survive and thrive in 2022 and beyond. Learn from top industry KOLs, including leading healthcare attorneys, practice management experts, finance specialists and successful practice owners just like you — who all share their knowledge, experiences and proven strategies to achieve maximum success in today’s competitive landscape.

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