Why Your Health & Wellness Practice Needs a CRM Solution

Do you operate a med spa or a clinic that provides health & wellness services? If your practice has gotten stuck dealing with low conversion rates and other patient acquisition troubles, you might be curious about the best ways to attract new patients, increase operational efficiency, and better serve your patients. 

If that sounds enticing, then your health & wellness clinic may benefit from implementing a quality CRM solution. Below, we examine what this technology is and how it may be able to help you overcome common barriers to growth.

What Is a CRM?

Put simply, CRM stands for “customer relationship management.” This technology is designed to help you manage patient data. 

CRM solutions typically include a suite of tools that can be used to communicate with patients, organize data, create marketing campaigns, and more. CRM technology is also used to nurture positive relationships with prospective patients and existing ones, too.

Historically, CRM solutions were primarily used in the sales and finance industries. However, in the past few years, they have grown and evolved. Now, they can be used to support health & wellness providers, too.

Common Problems Faced By Health & Wellness Clinics

Before we discuss the benefits of a CRM solution, it is important to understand what problems might be hindering your ability to grow. While there are many factors that can negatively impact your revenue cycle and the patient experience, a few of the most common include the following:

A Lack of Communication

Subpar communication will drastically diminish the patient experience. When they are seeking health & wellness services from a med spa or health clinic, patients expect to be kept in the loop. This is especially important if they are first-time patients, as newcomers will often seek out services elsewhere if you fail to communicate with them appropriately.

No Post-Appointment Follow-Up

Patient retention is an integral part of growing your health & wellness practice. Retaining existing patients is far more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. However, many med spas and clinics fall short in this vital area. This is because they fail to follow up with patients who have received services.

By simply reaching out to patients via text or email after their visit, you can significantly increase the chances that they will book additional services with your practice. 

However, it can be quite difficult to keep up with all of your past patients, especially during a busy season. Fortunately, CRM technology provides the perfect solution, which we’ll explore below.

Inefficient Operations

Inefficiencies during the pre-appointment phase can negatively affect the patient experience. For instance, many med spas and clinics use antiquated data entry practices that require their staff to manually re-enter patient information, even if it was already provided via an online form.

Inefficient internal operations reduce the amount of time that staff can spend engaging with patients. These inefficiencies may also decrease the productivity of clinicians and support staff, which will ultimately reduce your ability to generate revenue.  

Benefits of a Comprehensive CRM Solution

With the right CRM solution, your health & wellness clinic can overcome all of the challenges outlined above. CRM technology offers several other benefits as well, including:

Enhancing the Patient Experience

As a clinic that provides health & wellness services, your primary concern should always be providing a world-class patient experience. Customer relationship management technology can help you accomplish that goal in several ways.

Primarily, CRM improves the patient experience by allowing your staff to automate redundant data entry tasks. By automating these tasks, clinical personnel will have more time to cater to your patients, especially while they are awaiting services.

Increasing Clinical Efficiency

Automation not only improves the patient experience – it also increases the efficiency of your clinic. Once your CRM technology is operational, you will often notice a significant decrease in data entry errors.

CRM software offers customizable tools that are designed to meet the unique needs of your health & wellness clinic. A user-friendly platform will pave the way for increased productivity and profitability.

Improving Your Ability to Convert Leads

Contrary to popular belief, lost leads can be won back with the right software in place. Modern CRM solutions can perform automated follow-up using the information in your patient database.

These tools can also send information to prospective patients when they interact with your website and complete a contact form. By satisfying their need for information, you can increase the chances that a patient will book health & wellness services at your med spa.  

Aids in Patient Retention

CRM solutions facilitate post-appointment communication, as well. CRM software can target patients with branded messages that highlight services they are most likely to book. You can also use this functionality to notify past patients of monthly specials and other savings opportunities.

By staying in contact with patients after they have received services, you can nurture feelings of loyalty towards your brand and keep them coming back for life. You can even establish a loyalty program with incentives like gift certificates.

With our integrated memberships program, you can encourage automatic invoicing and reward loyal customers. On average, repeat patients spend about two to six times more than first-time visitors. With our tools, you can make it easy for patients to keep coming back for more!

Opens the Door for Growth Opportunities

Lastly, CRM solutions that include marketing tools can open the door for new growth opportunities. You can use these features to engage your audience across multiple mediums, including your website, social media platforms, email, and text messaging. 

As you run marketing campaigns, you can access detailed reports that will provide invaluable feedback regarding the success of your marketing efforts.

Cumulatively, these capabilities will allow you to provide patients with a seamless health & wellness treatment experience from the moment they visit your website.

AestheticNow: A World-Class Health & Wellness CRM Solution

As you can see, CRM solutions provide tremendous benefits to health & wellness clinics – if you select the right platform that is!

While there are many CRM programs on the market, none are as dynamic and versatile as AestheticNow. Created by the experts at PatientNow, the AestheticNow platform was built to meet the needs of med spas and clinics that offer health & wellness services. 

AestheticNow includes a full array of user-friendly customer relationship management and marketing tools.

If you are ready to fuel new growth for your practice, contact PatientNow today to schedule a product demo.

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