How to Make Your Aesthetic Practice More Efficient & Profitable in 2022

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3 Crucial Touchpoints You Need in 2022 to Dominate Your Local Competition

Learn how to leverage each touchpoint of the patient journey to optimize the quality
of your patients’ experiences, and to maximize your local market presence.

Presented by: Zeke Kuch, Chief Revenue Officer, Swell

The Top 4 Marketing Mistakes & How to Correct Them to Improve Profitability

  1. Initial Search: What are the key elements to standing out and being chosen?
  2. Post-treatment: What opportunities are you missing out on after treatment?
  3. Exit: How can I turn my patients into champions of my practice?

Uncover the most common marketing mistakes in today’s current aesthetic marketplace
and how to combat them to set your aesthetic practice for success in 2022 and beyond.

Presented by: Audrey Neff, Director of Marketing, PatientNow, RxMarketing

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The Five Core Values of Millennial Patients & How to Cater to Their Unique Nuances


Zeke Kuch has served as Swell’s Chief Revenue Officer since he co-founded the company in 2016. As CRO, Zeke oversees the go-to-market initiatives of the business including sales, marketing, and partnerships. He has extensive experience helping businesses scale, specifically in the technology and software sectors where he acts as an advisor to various startups.

Audrey Neff is the Director of Marketing for PatientNow & RxMarketing, which provide practice management & marketing solutions for over 3,000+ aesthetic practices worldwide. Audrey brings a decade of experience in sales & marketing — six years of which has been in medical aesthetics. She is a frequent industry speaker on practice management and is faculty for 17+ medical associations and conferences across the U.S.

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Virtual Practice Workshops: Insights From the Experts
Profitable Patient Relationships

Powerful online webinar training, engineered to provide medical professionals with the business and clinical education you need to survive and thrive in 2024 and beyond. Learn from top industry KOLs, including leading healthcare attorneys, practice management experts, finance specialists and successful practice owners just like you — who all share their knowledge, experiences and proven strategies to achieve maximum success in today’s competitive landscape.

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